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Photo Friday – Natural

Point Reyes, Canon 300D

Photo Friday’s theme this week is “Natural”

I had the treat recently of going to see a screening of a new movie called “November” at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch. It is located in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Gorgeous hills for miles, endless sky, vineyards, deer peering out at you from the woods. Magical Luke Skywalker shit.

After the film and during the question-and-answer period, I had that familiar feeling of being too shy to ask questions. What if I ask something really obvious and stupid? People seemed to be asking advanced film buff type of questions… “You seemed to be influenced by {insert obscure film title} and {another obscure film title} and French noir…” Everyone nods in agreement.

My mind drifted back to a story my friend told me about the premiere of his own short film in Los Angeles. He was fielding questions from the audience when suddenly a little boy raised his hand and asked, “Do you have any cats?”

My friend smiled, surprised, and said, “Yes, as a matter of fact I do.”

A few minutes later he raised his hand again, “Do you have any dogs?” and I have to say I was tempted, sitting in that plush screening room at Lucas Films to ask the same…


clouds, Canon 300D

If you live in San Francisco you know that I took this photo weeks ago, because we haven’t seen a cloud in ages. But I have been so damn busy I haven’t been able to take a proper stroll with the Rebel. I miss you Rebel!

Off to Santa Barbara this weekend for more sunshine, a dip in the ocean, and a May Day party at an avocado ranch.


Gabriel, at brunch in the Mission, Canon 300D

Recent pleasures:
– Seeing Gabriel smear black beans all over his face as he ate them.
– Taking a walk along Ocean Beach last night until my legs hurt and my stomach growled.
– Playing “horse” with my friend Jeremy at the basketball court.
– Discovering Radio Paradise from my brother-in-law Steven. You can listen to a live stream of the most eclectic mix of tunes with no commercials! Hallelujah.

* If you’re wondering what Gabe’s shirt says, it says “Consumer Whore.” You can find these at Baby Wit.

Glamour Puss Collection is here!

Cam, wearing “ginger lemonade”, Canon 300D

The new Superhero line is here! For your cocktail parties, weddings, or any time you want to have an extra sparkly good time. Made of faceted cut crystal and blue quartz.

Also, grass & sky is back by popular demand and there are updated versions of other superhero colorways.

Free shipping (via Priority Mail) available thru Mother’s Day (May 9th) in celebration of mom being our favorite superhero.

* Special thanks to Camella Bontaites, Christina Sanders, Jay Kim and Kim Indresano for modeling the new jewels!

Jen Gray

Jen Gray, Canon 300D

A beautiful entry from Jen Gray about tears. It reminded me that I cried the other night during Extreme Makeover Home Edition. My husband looked over at me, trying not to laugh and said sweetly, “Oh honey…”

Photo Friday – Junk

at the junk shop, Canon 300D

Photo Friday’s theme this week is “Junk”
Of course, that’s a sweet mustache and can hardly be called junk.


Bolinas Fairfax Road, Canon 300D

As you might imagine, a lot of car commercials are filmed on this road. There is something incredible about its curves, green hills, and skyline that quite literally make you want to scream with happiness. Jen and I took turns watching for cars while the other lay down on the pavement trying to get the best shots. I hadn’t laid down on the road in a long time. It felt good.


Random thought: It occurred to me yesterday that high school kids probably don’t pass notes to each other like we did in class. They probably text message each other? I have mixed feelings about that.

candied poppies

Icelandic poppies, Golden Gate Park, Canon 300D

So many beautiful sights this weekend:

– My dear, beautiful friend Jen who came to visit me from Chicago. Seeing the city through her eyes was such a gift. Every new view made her tear up with joy.
– The fabulous Jonatha Brooke in concert at the Fillmore.
– Sugar snap pea risotto and salmon with artichokes at Viola’s.
– The coastline beyond Point Reyes.
– A herd of elk grazing near the ocean.
– The gospel choir at Glide.
– A hand glider leaping off a high cliff above the water.
– The puffiest most delicious clouds against bright green grass.
– Icelandic poppies in Golden Gate Park.
– A baby goat named Moe who liked to chew on my superhero necklace.
– The “wrentit cam” at the Point Reyes Bird Observatory. My friend Grant set up a surveillance camera in a wrentit nest and you can watch the baby birds in real time on the computer screen. Amazing.

And finally, celebrating my friend Susan’s 50th birthday in the Marin Headlands. Happy birthday Susan!

Photo Friday – Self Portrait

andrea, Burning man, Olympus Epic

Photo Friday’s theme this week is “Self Portrait”

minding my own business

therapy poster by Michael Bernard Loggins, Canon 300D

My friend Michael Bernard Loggins created a series of posters in collaboration with Harrell Fletcher a few years ago. This is one of my favorites.

On the subject of the fierce energy we discussed this week, I thought of Michael and what he does on days like this. He makes a sign and posts it up on his desk. It says, “I’m minding my own business today” and he refuses to talk to anyone. He then gets out his Sharpie and writes and writes and writes.

Sometimes he makes lists of all of his fears. You can view them here.


On a completely different note, I found this handy guide where you can choose the safest fish to eat. It seems all of the fish I have been enjoying lately are chock full of mercury and overfished to oblivion. Very scary.