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Surprise wedding!





So many stories to share, but here are a few photos from the best wedding EVER. It was the marriage of two of my dearest friends who have been engaged for 14 years. 14 years!

Originally, it was going to be a 50th birthday bash in Santa Barbara, but when it looked like everyone was coming from near and far (and the Supreme Court ruling came through) it turned into the perfect time for a wedding.


We all kept the big secret (miraculous that 75 of us pulled this off!) and when Jacques arrived, we were all in masks.I have never been more excited (or nervous!) for a wedding… and couldn’t have been more touched by the magic day that unfolded.



The greatest pleasure for me was witnessing the utter glee on my friend Chris’s face… to pull off such an elaborate surprise and to have it so gracefully received was the most amazing thing to witness. The love was so big, so awesome, so bright, …. it was almost blinding.

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Inner Moves — Maureen Clancy


Deep down you’re sensitive and brilliant, but you’ve been playing small.  For years, you’ve been fighting the feeling that you’re not good enough. But the more you fight, the bigger it gets.

Meanwhile, opportunities for happiness, love, and money are slipping by.

You secretly wish you could:
• Go after your dreams.
• Take more risks and delight in the rewards.
• Release negative habits like self-sabotage.
• Feel more compassion for yourself and others.

Inner Moves is a 6-week e-Course that’ll help you do these things.

Imagine how it would feel to:
• Stop fighting this feeling.
• Have specific tools to use when this feeling gets big.
• Belong to a community of women in which you’ll be encouraged, validated and safely held.
• Begin to accept — all parts of yourself (… even those you don’t like).
• Stop holding back and live the life you were meant to live.

My deepest desire for you is to love and accept yourself . . . no matter what.

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Soulsigh — Denise Andrade-Kroon & Hillary Rain

 invitation with date rs

Denise Andrade-Kroon
and Hillary Rain have birthed a gorgeous lovechild. Their e-course is designed to offer an intimate Blessingway abounding with rituals of gentleness, tenderness, wildness, nurture, connection to earth, adornment to honor our re(birth), coming h(om)e to ourselves, and to share this journey within a safe cocoon of sisters. They come from a story of not being able to conceive a child and what emerged from their healing is an awareness that their bodies are capable of carrying life and birthing. Birthing ideas, dreams and even their selves as they move throughout life.

All creativity is birth, whether it is a creative lovechild or your own soul-awakening. In this course Denise & Hillary honor the creative feminine and invite her to thrive, joyful and abundant within our hearts. This course is not only for women that have gone through an (in)fertility journey but it is designed to bring all women into a loving relationship with their body and spirit through deep nurture and tenderness in preparation for this birthing process.


Flying Lessons — Kelly Rae Roberts


So. How do you teach yourself to paint, build a global audience, launch a successful online shop, write a bestselling book, get featured in glossy magazines & have your art licensed to national retailers — in just a few short years? While learning to manage your time, energy, priorities & fears — and telling the truth, every step of the way?

It’s not easy. It takes bravery. And it all begins by awakening your inner Possibilitarian: the little whisper of your spirit that says, “oh yes … you can.”

I deeply believe in sharing my resources, my how-to’s, and everything else I’ve learned along my journey.

So! I’ve created a series of four e-books called Flying Lessons: Tips & Tricks To Help Your Creative Business Soar. Each one contains my very best resources and how-to’s for creative entrepreneurs: painters, sculptors, jewelers, crafters, writers, and more.

You can own all four — or pick & choose whichever feel especially useful, right now.

Your dream is not impossible. Quite the opposite. Take it from a passionate Possibilitarian, who knows.


The Mama Monster


The mama monster reared her head last night.

You know the one. She creeps up despite your best judgment. She surprises you with her ferocity. She roars. Sometimes you exit your body and watch her and think, Wow… who the heck is that? 

One of my friends said something about motherhood that always makes me smile: Until I had kids, I didn’t know I had so much yelling in me. Amen, sister.

So back to last night.

I heard a funny sound coming from the kitchen – something like rain, but more like pebbles falling, like hail. I went in to find Nico had poured an entire can of coffee beans on the ground.

At first I was calm. Oops! Let’s get those beans back in the can… “ but then he started thrashing around, sweeping his little starfish hands as fast as he could to and fro, trying to disseminate the beans as quickly as possible before I shut him down.

The beans flew everywhere – careening through the air, across the kitchen floor, under the stove.

He then proceeded to stomp around and crush them with his chunky, little padded feet.

That’s when the mama monster reared her head. “Stop it Nico!” I shouted. “If you’re not going to help, get out of here!” and I furiously tried to shove the beans back into the can, trying not to include old pieces of macaroni and dust bunnies in each handful.

I roared. But really, I wanted to cry.

It wasn’t a big deal in the end. Some went back in the can. Some got thrown in the garbage. Some are still hiding in the crevices of our home, under the oven. We will find them again one day when we move out.

But in those moments, when the mama monster comes out, it’s never really about the beans. It’s always about the exhaustion and the bills. The overwhelm and the worry. The filthy house and having to make dinner again. (Seriously? Dinner again?)

The trying to get it right and always falling short.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with Ben when he was a toddler:

Ben: (whining and dragging his feet behind me as we walk home from school) I’m roaring and crying.
Me: You’re what?
Ben: Roaring and crying.
Me: I know just how you feel. I roar and cry all the time.
Ben: I’m sad.
Me: What are you sad about?
Ben: I don’t know.
Me: Why don’t you just roar and cry then?
Ben: Okay.


Beautiful food + gorgeous stories.


Last year I had a vision. I imagined a group of women (who didn’t know each other) around a table, eating beautiful food, and passing around a bowl filled with story prompts. One by one, we would each tell an impromptu story about our lives. It would be connecting and nourishing, compassion-building and healing.

This idea thrilled me for several reasons. The first is that I am bored at most parties. Small talk makes me tired. Witty banter makes my head hurt. I am the girl who will corner you at the party and go deep. You might be the only person I talk to that night, but we will be BFF’s by the end of the evening.

I also believe in the power of storytelling.

There is something really powerful that happens when humans circle up and tell stories. It it ancient and something we know in our bones. We are wired for this. And it is where so much healing happens.

There is a quote that I love by Mr. Rogers that pretty much sums it up: “There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story.”

These storybowls are no exception. I have been holding them regularly in the Bay Area and they are pure joy. There is something really magical that unfolds when we are together. It’s just the right mix of fun, connection, deep nourishment, compassion building and healing.

Please join me for a Bowl!



back yard 6-06^^

Sunday, August 18th 10am- 1pm
Storybowl in the garden at Susan’s house (see photo above + more here)
San Rafael, CA


P.S. Dinner or brunch included in the price! $55

Let the foolish projects begin!


Today’s the day we start!

This is a very intimate class with a lot of interaction with me, so if that appeals to you, hop on board!

Foolish projects do not have to be big or public or loud.
Foolish projects can be quiet + intimate or just for you.

You definitely don’t have to know what your foolish project is. We will be exploring that together.






Curious about the incredible illustration above?

The AMAZING Susa Talan created it as part of her Gratitude 365 series. (I sent her the quote and prayed she would be inspired) I’m in love with every single piece in her series.