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Burning Man!

Viola, Andrea, Sasha, Burning Man 2002, photo by Julian

We’re off to Burning Man!

My adventures already began last night when I went to buy a Burning Man ticket from someone I found on Craig’s list. Matt and I arrived to find two lovely, creative people on a beautiful ranch in Palo Alto.

We thought we would hand them the cash and leave, but they kindly offered us a beer and asked, “Would you like to walk the sheep?”
{{of course, we were ecstatic to be asked this}}

We met Mo, (the black sheep, who was affectionate and puppy like) Israel (the adorable runt who trailed behind the flock) and the three “spotted yahoos.” We walked them to the park and had an amazing time feeding them oats (this is my new favorite thing to do), watching them graze, and witnessing that, like their reputation claims, they really do follow each other everywhere.

We also got to chat with our new human friends! and then had a tour of the rest of the land. There were treehouses in tall redwoods, a huge trampoline in front of the main house, vegetable gardens, chickens, geese…

One thing I love about Burning Man is that you get to meet people you don’t normally know in the “real world.” Looks like our adventures have already begun.

See you in a week! a little bit dustier.

P.S. My blog has been broken for a week or so. If this posts, we’re back in business!

Thank you!

Kimba’s birthday, Olympus Epic

Thank you for your birthday wishes to Matt!
He loved them…

Also, thank you for all of your comments on the site these days.

I am amazed by your generosity and sweetness and support. You write extraordinarily beautiful things and brighten & inspire every one of my days. What a gift you are. Thank you.


Happy Birthday Baby!

Matt at Burning Man, Canon A1

Happy Birthday Matt!
We love you:::