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The best thing I did all year.


I wish to come alive again, at the wish tree


I wish there was no guns, at the wish tree


I wish this tree would stay forever and everybody would cared about it.


I wish my parents lived in the same house happily forever


The wish tree, Berkeley, CA

Earlier this year, we made a wish tree in front of our house. It was my foolish project – something I had always wanted to do, simply for the delight of making something with my hands and bringing something generous + kind to my community.

Little did I know it would the very best thing I did all year.

Little did I know it would be a source of daily joy.
Little did I know that the local high school students would stop by + hang their wishes.
Little did I know that reading these little pieces of paper would open my heart + allow me to feel the sweetest kind of connection.

When we meet a new neighbor these days and they ask where we live, we proudly say, “Over there by the wish tree!” And they always get excited. Recently, when we met a new family, they gasped. That’s yours? The wish tree was the first thing we saw when we moved to the neighborhood! It made us feel like we were home.

Wanna know something kinda strange + poetic?

The tree that all the wishes hang from is a lemon tree. It’s beautiful, but the lemons are inedible. Sour , bitter, lumpy.

But I love the poetry of this – the bitter lemon tree that has been fashioned into a wish tree. The bitter tree that is bringing people hope + delight + a moment of reflection and connection.

The other day I saw a teenage boy carrying a skateboard walk up to my door. He left something on the stoop and I immediately grumbled, I’m sick of those pizza joints leaving their menus on my steps! I ran out to see what he left and my heart immediately melted:


Start a Foolish Project starts Monday, October 7th

If you feel inspired to create something simply for the delight (yours + others) join me for Start a Foolish Project!


We will each be choosing a project that puts a spring in our step. It could be anything from:

  • A wish tree
  • A community dinner
  • A neighborhood water balloon fight
  • Learning to play the ukulele
  • Hosting a Storybowl
  • to a Bubble flash mob

Foolish projects make us come alive

Let me help you discover YOUR foolish project + give you inspiration and encouragement as you create it. Join me on October 7thfor this 4 week e-course.

“Andrea’s superpower is helping you find yours!  I didn’t expect the flurry of ideas that came from this experience… and I especially didn’t expect to get such clarity around what i want to create in my life.” -Denese

More details here. Or you can register here.

Do you wish to come alive again?

A little ode to Ben.


Ben in front of his lemonade stand, Berkeley, CA

“Do you know a song about the sun coming?” he asked me. “The sun is coming, the sun is coming…”

“Here comes the sun?” I asked and started to sing.

“Yeah,” he smiled. “Do you know that’s a Beatles song?”

I love this kid.

I love that when he got his first wad of cash, he grabbed a stack of post-it notes and adhered each dollar bill to the walls of his bedroom.

I love that a few weeks ago, when his tooth was loose, he worked it and worked it all day long –  blood on his fingers and lips – until he got it out. (He knew that with the $2 dollar bill he was sure to get from the tooth fairy, he’d have enough for Pokemon cards)

I love his lacy blue eyes and constellation of freckles on his nose.

I love the way he says, “Are you okay mama?” when he sees me cry, and then looks right into my eyes with so much love I can hardly bear it. A healing laser beam of love.

I love the songs he makes up in his room, pop songs with a hard edge, collections of words + phrases that don’t actually go together but are so free and flowing

I love how much he adores his little brother,  how every day he tries to hug him and kiss him. And even though Nico bats him away most of the time, he never gives up.


I love that in the middle of the night, when Ben is scared, he will go to Nico’s crib and hoist him into his arms and put him in his own bed for company.

I love that ever since he was an infant, he has had this bright spark in him. He is one of those people that is lit from the inside, someone you can’t help but want to be near.



Ben, Berkeley, CA

Ben, Berkeley, CA

*This piece was inspired by World Gratitude Day! A most lovely idea by Alexandra Franzen.

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Telling True Stories — Laurie Wagner


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Adventures: Big Basin in Santa Cruz


Nico, Big Basin, Santa Cruz, CA


Impossibly big trees, Big Basin, Santa Cruz, CA


Nico and Ben, Big Basin, Santa Cruz, CA


Ben, Big Basin, Santa Cruz, CA


Self-portrait, Big Basin, Santa Cruz, CA


Cousins, Big Basin, Santa Cruz, CA


Ben in his happy place, Big Basin, Santa Cruz, CA

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That’s how our dreams serve us. They tell us who we are and who we are becoming. They pull us toward a version of ourselves that inspires.

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Superhero Journal sponsors are, well, super! So take a minute to check out all of the awesomeness they are offering up this September. If you’d like to see your e-Course, Etsy shop, blog or business on the sidebar or in an upcoming Super Sponsor Spotlight, we’d love to have you. Just send a quick email to Amber at: [email protected] to get all the details.


Kitchenanigans — Maya Stein


Maya Stein’s latest offering, “Kitchenanigans,” taps into the creative wellspring of our connection to food. This 30-day online class invites you to delight in the details of your culinary landscape through simple photography and storytelling. We’ll provide daily prompts and easy-to-complete assignments sent directly to your inbox, and you’ll use your meal preparation activities to unleash the power of creative revisioning. Participants will have access to a private Facebook group to share work. The Kitchenanigans workshop offers you fresh inspiration and nourishment from your daily kitchen grind and will help you discover the creative potential of your whole life. For more info and to register, visit

Maya Stein is a Ninja poet, writing guide, and creative adventuress. Among her latest escapades are a 1,200-mile bicycle journey with a typewriter, a cross-country poetry trip, a French crepe stand at a Massachusetts farmers market, a relocation from San Francisco to suburban New Jersey and most recently, a collaboration – “Food for the Soul Train” – turning a vintage trailer into a mobile creative workshop space. (She also ran a catering business for 6 years and specialized in hors d’oeuvres and the finer points of napkin folding.) You can learn more about Maya’s adventures at


Wild Courage — Stephanie Levy


Could you use a boost of confidence for your creative ideas?

Wild Courage is a new online course I developed because I believe fear often stops us from developing our creative spirits – much more than any supposed lack of “talent,” money, luck, or desire.

It’s such a shame, because we all have so much to offer.

In Wild Courage, you’ll get my deepest, personal stories, 12 special guest interviews + practical information to help you reach your creative goals.

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Create.Explore.Discover — Sarah Stevenson


When was the last time you put your to do list aside, let go of all expectation and just let yourself explore?

I have just the place for you. This fall, join an intimate group of women at the 3rd annual Create.Explore.Discover Art Retreat.

CREATE in a warm, supportive environment

Create.Explore.Discover brings together a diverse group of women, from working artists to weekend explorers, to moms, looking to uncover their creative spark.

Retreat Leader: Sarah Stevenson will guide you through a weekend of creating and exploring with retreat instructors Mati McDonough, Alessandra Cave, Anne Weil as they lead fun, creative sessions where you will paint, knit, and explore with your camera.

EXPLORE and go deeper than you thought possible

No matter your skill — or comfort — level, Create.Explore.Discover is a safe space for experimenting and trying out new projects.

DISCOVER new friendships and connections in an intimate environment

Create.Explore.Discover is limited to 30 participants, so you’ll have the opportunity to form lasting bonds with both your retreat leaders and your fellow explorers.

Inner Moves — Maureen Clancy


Deep down you’re sensitive and brilliant, but you’ve been playing small.  For years, you’ve been fighting the feeling that you’re not good enough. But the more you fight, the bigger it gets.

Meanwhile, opportunities for happiness, love, and money are slipping by.

You secretly wish you could:
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• Take more risks and delight in the rewards.
• Release negative habits like self-sabotage.
• Feel more compassion for yourself and others.

Inner Moves is a 6-week e-Course that’ll help you do these things.

Imagine how it would feel to:
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My deepest desire for you is to love and accept yourself . . . no matter what.

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Andrea Scher, photo by Jen Downer

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