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Give the Gift of Dreaming – Last Day! $49

dandelion, by Tracey Clark, Canon PowerShot S95

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loving my new little camera*

Ben and Andrea, Canon PowerShot S95

There’s nothing like a new camera to inspire the shutterbug in me! I’ve been shooting nonstop since I got this awesome little number. I love point and shoots because I capture completely different things than I do with my bigger camera. I’m less precious and more playful, and of course it’s hard to lug a big camera around these days. Loving my new little view of the world.

Here are some scenes from this week:


cow, Little Farm, Berkeley, CA, Canon PowerShot S95

blurry berries, Canon PowerShot S95

Andrea, Matt and Nico at Totland, Canon PowerShot S95

Nico, 3 weeks, Canon PowerShot S95

manhole and boot, Berkeley, CA , Canon PowerShot S95

wire fence, Inspiration Point, Canon PowerShot S95

resevoir, Inspiration Point, Canon PowerShot S95

Ben, Canon PowerShot S95

2 weeks*

Ben and Nico, Canon Digital Rebel XSi

Boys in a Box aka. Best birthday ever*

Chris and Jacques, Canon Digital Rebel XSi

Tuesday afternoon the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find two figures with boxes covering their faces. Matt, who was in on the surprise, filmed the scene and asked if I had any idea who these “presents” might be… My mind flicked to my dear friends Chris and Jacques who live in Hana, Maui and are like brothers to me. We haven’t been able to see each other in five long years and in that moment I couldn’t even let my heart want something so wonderful. Plus, I was going to be disappointed by anything less than those two and I didn’t want to seem ungracious to whoever was beneath the box lid. 

Open up your presents! Matt urged… and I took off the box lids. Inside each box were their adorable faces, and I was so delighted I was speechless. It took me a while to take in the goodness of it all… Between Nico being born and my dear friends flying so far to surprise me, my heart is bursting over here. As I type this I am remembering a time, fifteen years ago, when I was moving back to Santa Barbara from New Orleans. When I arrived on the tarmac, I saw Chris in the crowd. He had brought bags of rose petals and had given them to various people to throw in my path as I walked into the terminal. Chris has a way of making me feel incredibly loved.


Come to think of it, I haven’t felt quite as loved as I do right now in years. My boys are healing my heart… especially the three beautiful boys in my home.

Life is good.

Welcome to the world Nico Boon!

Our gorgeous boy Nico arrived on Thursday morning (6 days after his due date. So much for my prediction he would come early!) and we couldn’t be more in love! More details to come, but it was a great delivery and we are all healthy and recovering. Thank you for holding the space for us while we waited! We felt your love and blessings and still do…

Nico Boon Passmore
Born at 9:58 AM, November 4th, 2010
8 pounds 10 ounces (record breaking in my family for sure!)
21.5 inches
Boundless cuteness.

Some delights this week*

Batman Ben, Canon Digital Rebel XSi 

Some highlights of my week of waiting for boy number two:
Trick or treating with Batman Ben.
Having ice cream with Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Samin today.
Pumpkin carving at a friend’s house.
Shooting a Cosmic Rocket with Ben and my cousin visiting from Toronto.
Finally hanging art and just generally fluffing our house.
Gifting Ben an awesome belt from My Baby Belts. Finally the poor kids pants won’t fall down. ;)
Having lunch at the new Vik’s Chaat house in Berkeley, millefoile and pan chocolat at Le Bedaine, all with no regard for calories!

And just a few minutes ago…