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My word of the year for 2017! + some yummy news.


Thank you for listening! As you can see, I’m very excited about having a microphone… Look out world! Share your words of the year in the comments below! And let me know what guests you’d like to have on the brand new show!

Some notes:

Manifesting 2017: Instant access mini-course to help you complete your year + create 2017 with intention. $20
Mondo Beyondo: Dream big + in alignment with your heart and spirit. The fun begins January 9th, 2017! $99

P.S. You can join me in Bali again this May 2017! It is a place that is overflowing with beauty, kindness and spirituality. What could be better?




Manifesting 2017! Just $20

One of my superpowers is creating spaces online where people feel safe to express their desires + fears and celebrate their joys. The New Year has always been such a rich time of reflection for me – a time to acknowledge how I grew this year, how I was brave, what was hard… and declare my year complete.

This creates a beautiful space to vision what’s to come. What does your heart truly want in 2017? Where is your spirit calling you next? What do you secretly want to happen?

I’ve been guiding this mini-manifesting workshop for years in a live setting + decided to finally bring it to you in an online format! You can gather friends for this process, take some time do it privately or join us in the classroom for an experience in community with other kindred manifesters!

In this (instant access!) mini-course you will find:

Steps to complete your year with power + compassion
Consciously creating 2017
Mondo Beyondo list-making
Choosing your word of the year


P.S. You can take Mondo Beyondo + Manifesting 2017 as a bundle for $99.

It’s time for some Mondo Beyondo magic.

This is the signature course I’ve been teaching for years… about dreaming big and creating better conditions for those dreams to come true. Thousands of people have taken our course and I am incredibly proud of it.

And the timing couldn’t be better! I’m guessing we could all use some support right now in creating a gorgeous 2017.

But here’s the best part.

For this session, I’m offering Manifesting 2017 as a gift when you register. You can dive right into this course today and it will prepare your heart and mind for the New Year! It’s the perfect primer for Mondo Beyondo – a deeper dive into making our dreams real in January.

Here are the details all in one place:

Manifesting 2017: The perfect New Year’s ritual. We will come together to celebrate what we created in 2016, how we were brave, the places we grew… and also acknowledge what was hard, disappointing and painful. Then we will say goodbye to 2016! The next steps in the Manifesting 2017 process are all about consciously creating our new year, making lists of goals and dreams and choosing our word of the year.

This class is INSTANT ACCESS. You can begin today!

Mondo Beyondo: This is a deeper dive! A life-changing 6-week course that ushers you through a process of getting clear on your dreams, making sure they are in alignment with your spirit and then learning about what muscles we need to strengthen to create better conditions for those dreams to come true.

Begins Monday, January 9th, 2017

Just $99 to get BOTH COURSES.


Let’s create something beautiful together in 2017.
Andrea Scher

P.S. Are you a Mondo Beyondo alumni? Hit reply and I will send you the coupon code to get half off the bundled courses. Just $49 for you!



Wow. You all made my day.

Thank you.

Your notes in response to my newsletter yesterday filled my heart up in the best way. When I wrote that note I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but once I received your energy, kindness, love, it was clear – I needed to know that we are connected to each other. I hope you felt it too!

And guess what? After reading several of your responses, my inner wisdom kicked in and told me clearly, “Get outside. I know it’s raining. Put on your boots, bring your camera, and go visit those trees. Beauty will be your medicine today.” 

I was astounded by what I saw and wanted to share it with you. Because you are part of this story! And of course, the trees are the most grounded creatures of all and when we are wobbly, it’s good to be near that solid energy.

Click here to see the short little slideshow I made of my adventure.

With love + gratitude,







Wobbly times.

I’m feeling wobbly over here. Quiet. Not sure of anything anymore – should I keep going with this business? Does the work I do matter? Will I be able to continue making a living this way? Why does everything feel so scary in the world right now? 

When I shared this with a friend this morning, she reflected back. “If you’re feeling this, your community is feeling some version of this too.”

How are you doing out there? Feel free to hit reply and share… or just say, me too!

I need to know we are in this together. I’m guessing we need each other more than ever, right?

My art has been a refuge this season. I’ve been hunkered down in my apartment making necklaces from colorful glass beads and listening to podcasts. It’s meditative work that I have always loved… and I’m grateful I get to do it. In a world where everything seems to be virtual, ephemeral, in pixels… it’s so nice to make something I can hold in my hands and imagine putting into yours.

I have a final batch of necklaces ready to go if you’d like to get one this season!

Grateful for all of you on this list.
Grateful for your kindness and your open hearts.
Grateful I get to be a little part of your world.

With love,