40 weeks and apple green leaves

Apple green leaves, Canon Digital Rebel XSi

So I finally figured it out on Monday. As much as I thought this baby would arrive early like Ben, despite the fact that I have been having contractions for weeks, despite the fact that I am already dilated, effaced and mentally ready for this adventure, it’s still not up to me! ha! :)

On Monday I had the following thought: What if I knew he was arriving in say, four days? What would I do with these four precious days ahead of me? Matt and I are both unplugged from work, we are home, Ben is in school… When do we ever get this quiet time together?

So in this sacred, limbo space we have been walking in the woods, hanging art in our house, finishing up projects we never feel like we can get to, getting manicures, going out to brunch. It has been so sweet and such a gift. And I just found out yesterday that this boy finally turned from posterior to a perfect side-lying position! which should save me a lot of pain and suffering on the other side. That alone was worth waiting for.


I still have my moments where I can’t stand to be uncomfortable one second longer, where I get anxious about how big he is getting or how we’ll finally get him out, but mostly I am chilled out and enjoying the crisp, sunny days over here. I can feel this sacred bonus time, how it’s buzzing with energy, anticipation, and togetherness. How I feel held by so many people who are thinking about us right now and holding us in their hearts.

It’s really, really good.

Tomorrow is 40 weeks. Thanks for holding us so close.


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    You are so totally amazing and beautiful. Enjoy. All of it.

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    I unfortunately had to get induced with my second baby. She was a week late but my health insurance was going to end on Friday September 18th. I waited till the last second and got induced on Thursday September 17th. All turned out well but I wish she had come on her own time. The next day I had to leave the hospital. My insurance was going to end at midnight so I had to be out of there by noon in order for them to process my papers. It hadn’t even been 24 hours since she was born. Lovely story no?
    If this isn’t your situation, which I hope it isn’t the ENJOY!

  3. tea_austen
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    Sending so much love and good wishes! You look BEAUTIFUL.
    I love how your shoes match the backpack, even though I imagine you can’t see your feet :-)
    Biggest of hugs, to all of you. xox

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    I am so glad you are able to enjoy these last few days. It’s amazing to think you could be having this baby as I type this out! Keeping you three (and soon, four!) close in my heart & thoughts. xo

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    you look awesome and what a gift to have these days together. you know he’ll be here eventually, and they are always, always, worth the wait. sending good wishes your way!

  6. Cindy
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    This is EXACTLY how it is meant to be. Enjoy every moment! :)
    Sending love and hugs your way!

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    When you hadn’t updated, I thought you’d had him already, but am glad to see that you’re using these last few days to the max.
    I’m still hanging in there with you…but my baby refuses to turn and is breech (frank breech). I’m having a scheduled c-section on November 2nd.
    Perhaps our kids will share a birthday, no?
    Good luck to you and enjoy your days,

  8. Carole
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    Sounds great, Andrea! I am checking in every day here and excited for you all! What a great time with Matt – awesome!
    I so often think of waiting as a passive activity – being pregnant really turned that idea on its head (pun not intended!), and this post was a great reminder to me. Waiting can be an incredibly rich time with its own (different) kind of action and being. I’m trying to remember that in terms of Mondo Beyondo dreams. :)

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    Best wishes on a healthy birth and even more beautiful time together!

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    love you gobs. :) xoxoxoxoxox
    *and digging those boots!!!

  11. simone
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    Happy birth! Good wishes coming your way. Glad baby decided to turn for you…may he be that agreeable on the way out!

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    yea that he turned. my third child didn’t and it wan’t any fun delivering him. but nothing compared to #4 who was delivered frank frank breech. we lovingly call her butthead. #5 was just big. that’s when I said…. we are done.

  13. Susanne
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    hey andrea,
    thanks for your “updates”. :) i just love your blog, your toughts and your pics so much!!! and almost every day i open your blog just to read some news about the new baby boy or something else…
    sorry for my terrible english!
    all the best for you and your family!
    susanne from germany.

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    You look awesome!! Whew, looking at that belly, thinking about that incredible time when you just know that your little one is inside as he will be outside, and celebrating being suspended in the wild time between here and there makes me get goose bumps thinking about the true miracle this is life entering the world. For what it’s worth, a little piece of my birth puzzle was mentally calling on all of the women out there that were giving birth, or had given birth, and asking for their strength. Somehow that worked for me, and so I’m throwing it out there that when the (exactly right) time comes, all of us mamas are right there with you!

  15. Liz
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    You’re awesome, Andrea! I’m thinking of you and your superhero family during this magical time. Lots of love, love, love:) You go girl!

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    so glad you are having this time to take care of you…
    sending love and light to all four of you…

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    Ahhh – I love it when you post! Glad you are savoring these last few days before baby! xo

  18. nicole
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    i’ve had to come to this place of surrender in both of my pregnancies. and i think it really is part of labor-it relaxed me even more and i was able to fully let go of “when” active labor was going to start. just remember that you were made for this, andrea! your body in its intelligence has built this baby and also has the wisdom to deliver this baby with ease and grace.

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    aww love this andrea!
    xxxx hugs!!

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    Oh wow! First of all you look fab for 40 weeks pregnant! I’ve never been that pregnant before. (Sean was born Dec 2006 at 38 weeks and Mackenzie was born June 2008 at 37 weeks). I doubt I’ll be that pregnant this time as well.
    Good luck! Can’t wait to hear all about your delivery.

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    So much respect, and recognition, I have of surrendering period. The space that has to be cleared before your body and arms can be opened to the arrival of a new being. I believe so strongly in the sacred and ancient wisdom in this process. That you, and your baby, know everything that needs to be done to get to the final step. And this weekend when he makes his arrival (as I believe very strongly he will) you will see once again that everything happens exactly when it should.
    Cheering for you, Andrea.

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    I keep checking back to see if he’s been born yet. I’m excited! Also, those are the greatest boots I have ever seen.

  23. Emelia King
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    Hang in there Andrea! You look fabulous! My little Samantha was 4 days late, and I really expected her to be early, too. She decided that transverse was the best place to be when she was already 2 days late! Actually, she was upside down, with her hands and feel on my hips and her head and butt in my ribs!
    Isn’t it funny how they seem to have a mind of their own long before we can comprehend what they are thinking or feeling?
    Enjoy your new precious gift. Mommy-hood is such a precious experience, whether the time between babies is 16 months or 16 years!

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    You are beautiful! Glad you’re enjoying these days just for you. Thinking of all of you and sending lots of love.

  25. Susie
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    Aw, Andrea. You are the cutest thing going with your belly! So glad to hear your baby turned to the perfect position, and that you, hubby, and Ben are enjoying these precious last moments before the birth. It’s all so exciting! Sending you love, Susie P.S. May it be a calm and easy delivery :)

  26. Patricia
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    hi Andrea – My daughter, a second child and a VBAC success story, arrived in her own sweet time – one week after her expected date of arrival. She has chosen her own time to do things ever since and that is not a bad lesson for us to learn. It seems like all of your pieces are in place and that your boy has his own plan. What is that old expression: “life is what happens while we are making plans”?
    Wishing all of you the best.

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    Yay 40 weeks! You look like you are hiking in Tilden Park or some other such place-good for you-you look ready!
    My second was 10 days late-funny how babies come when they are ready! I didn’t mind at all- I just minded everyone asking me if I minded! It was a beautiful easy birth after only one hour in the hospital (all the labor was at home!).
    Wishing you peace and beauty and rest in this can-be-anxious-time. You & your husband and son are in my thoughts!

  28. Trish
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    Swadling you in my affections with love, cradling you with gentle thoughts…soothing you into a beautiful delivery.

  29. BK
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    wow, what a gift!!! I love how you call it “sacred bonus time”…
    you sure are good at choosing perspective!!
    and yes, the whole blogosphere is holding its breath as well…

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    Hmm, well this confirms I have zero psychic abilities because I was sure you had already delivered. It’s ok. I still have amazing cupcake gobbling abilities to make up for what I lack in that area! Anyway, sending many warm wishes your way for a beautiful birthday with your new son. You always inspire!

  31. Jennifer in D.C.
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    I can’t wait.
    I can’t wait to watch this new one grow up like Ben with cool pictures and “I’m in the band” hair, etc., etc.
    I live vicariously through you, Miss Andrea, because I have no offspring and I feel it’s too late anyway. :-) (At least to push one out.) So continue to relax and enjoy your precious moments before coming face to face with your new son.
    How exciting.
    Sending you good vibes from the nation’s capitol.

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    Hi A, Love ya! & so thinking of you guys right now….

  33. Julie George
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    Andrea ~ you look AMAZING!! Love your perspective about this scared time. Thinking about you..sending good vibes!

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    I’ll just go ahead and speak for all the Dream Labbers and say that we are holding our breath and wishing the absolute best for you! It sounds like you are really making the most of every hour until you meet your newest sweetheart. Hope you’re getting lots of back rubs and surprise love notes from your husband. Your Ben is an absolute doll, and I’m sure he’ll make you proud as a new big brother. Take lots of pictures! Much love, xoxo.

  35. nina
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    I was grumpy in a scary way when I was 40 weeks. I can’t believe my daughter turned out so sweet — probably because she was born when she needed to be born! You are amazing and inspiring and, of course, beautiful. It won’t be long…

  36. Mel
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    The very best of luck to you all!
    I hope the birth is whatever you wish and need it to be and that you soon get to be cuddling your new beautiful boy, alongside the two that you already have!
    Good luck and blessings to you all! xox

  37. Posted October 29, 2010 at 5:16 am | Permalink

    That babe is going to be fully cooked! Good for him. And you. Blessings on you in the next several days, nesting, walking, birthing…Xoxoxo.

  38. marina
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    you are in my thoughts, Andrea! I wish you from the deepest inside me that your last days before the birth can be as beautifully lived as you describe in your post and the smoothest birth you can think of and lots lots of joy for your new life as a family of four.
    PS do you remember your post on the favourite time of the day? it keeps being such a great inspiration for me, like so many of the things you write, as so many of your photos. but the idea of the favourite time of the day has been really helpful of late in some uncomfortable situations!!! thank you so much!!!!

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    you are radiant. so beautiful. and yes, absolutely holding you and the family with love.

  40. Dunski
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    My friend next doors is in her week 41. I keep checking your blog and wonder if those two souls are sitting together in a cloud debating who’s first. ;) Enjoy the days and hours. Life will be a whole new adventure with 4. (But I remember how excited I was when the 3rd one was early, after the first two ones were very late.)
    Sunshine, blue skies and lots of inner strength flying from switzerland to you.

  41. Posted October 29, 2010 at 8:30 am | Permalink

    You are gorgeous…and so ripe! I keep checking your blog and now I am away for the weekend. I just know he will be here when I get back. Welcome to the world little boy

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    love you sweet one! xoxo

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    hang in there andrea – i so hear you. my littlest one was 40 wks too – and it was summer, and hot, and i couldn’t have sugar and i was sooooo ready. but then he arrived and i blinked and he will be turning 14 months next week and i read your post and feel a bit weepy. :) sending love, strength, and patience you way friend.

  44. Posted October 29, 2010 at 8:03 pm | Permalink

    I’ve been thinking of you in my little corner of the world. Thanks for your posts. I look forward to seeing your new little man.

  45. Goddess Leonie
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    Awww, look at you gorgeous woman!
    I am thinking of you, praying for good and beautiful things, and am so looking forward to the safe arrival of your beautiful son into the world… we will dance with joy!!!
    Leonie, Chris & Ostara

  46. Goddess Leonie
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    Awww, look at you gorgeous woman!
    I am thinking of you, praying for good and beautiful things, and am so looking forward to the safe arrival of your beautiful son into the world… we will dance with joy!!!
    Leonie, Chris & Ostara

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    you are an amazing pregnant lady!

  48. Posted October 30, 2010 at 4:54 pm | Permalink

    Dearest Andrea – I hope you are either in the midst or very close to it as I read this today. I’m wearing my superhero necklace right now just to add to the nergy. :) You look so deeply beautiful in this picture.
    Re: your earlier post about how to help Ben with this transition – in addition to all the great advice already given I just want to add the idea of doing some “matchmaking” with Ben and the new baby. For example, comments like “Oh, look how much your little brother adores you – he is just watching you all the time.” or “See how happy little brother is when you’re around – he misses you when you’re at school.” Also, make sure to go a little overboard with your delight in Ben’s presence – scooping him up with a big hug and an “I missed you sooo much.” when he comes home from school, etc. he needs to know that you still delight in his presence as much as that of the new sibling.
    From what you’ve shared of Ben on here, I have no doubt he is going to be a most amazing big brother.
    love to you all,

  49. Jenny
    Posted October 30, 2010 at 7:29 pm | Permalink

    I feel the excitement from far away! What a wonderful time for your family. I’m sending healthy, happy, and peaceful thoughts to you for a blessed birth experience.
    I wanted to tell you, wear the Joy starburst necklace everyday and my 2.5 son loves to see it and talk about my “star.” I’m so grateful to have this beautiful art that reminds me to work to stay grounded and appreciate my joys. Without knowing us at all, you are a lovely part of our lives!
    Jenny in Chicago

  50. Sam
    Posted November 1, 2010 at 9:02 am | Permalink

    Good luck Andrea!! But it’s clearly already on your side……. as a student midwife I can tell you that the signs are so good – OA position, the Braxton Hicks will have you fully effaced and dilating, not to mention that the second birth is usually very quick. I hope it’s a wonderful experience for all of you :)

  51. Posted November 1, 2010 at 10:35 am | Permalink

    I can’t believe I missed this post! I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival. And am so glad you’re making the most of this limbo time.

  52. glo
    Posted November 4, 2010 at 10:26 am | Permalink

    You and your beautiful tummy rock!!! Before u know it, miracle #2 will be here. I am so excited for u all… Sending positive, calming vibes so that the delivery is smoooooth.
    xo glo

  53. pixie
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    i’m so excited for you and the BOYS! thinking of you every day and anxiously anticipating the news…in fact, i’d better head to fb and see if he’s already in your arms…love, p.