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I’ve gathered some of the most inspiring people I know to bring you a collection of e-courses + e-books that will get you unstuck, stir your creative passion and create a beautiful shift in your life! Below you will find courses in growing a creative business, choosing ease + self-compassion, painting your heart out + so much more! I am thrilled that these wise women have joined me in offering you this bundle of love and inspiration.

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Choosing Ease: 21 days of letting go of struggle + finding your flow

So many of us are addicted to struggle… we think life needs to be hard, or that we need to work hard for what we have for it to have any value. I believe in ease. I believe that when I am creating from a place of ease and buoyancy I am actually in flow – in alignment with myself and the Universe. Things feel more fun and playful. I enjoy my life more. I am able to be more present. I am in delicious co-creation with the universe.

In this course, we will explore:
The Mindset of Ease – how we can shift our mindset from one of struggle to one of ease. Clearing Space- how clearing our physical space + calendar helps make more room for ease. Cultivating Self-compassion– creating a habit of relating to ourselves with kindness. Getting into Alignment and Flow- how we can put in less effort and get more results. How Authenticity Creates Ease- how leaning into who we actually are can help us find our flow.

Andrea Scher is an artist, online workshop teacher + big believer in the transformative power of creativity. Through her e-courses Mondo Beyondo, Cultivating Wonder, Elevate the Ordinary and many more, Andrea inspires us all to live authentic, colorful and creative lives. Best known as the author of the award-winning blog Superhero Journal (and the Creative Superheroes Podcast) she is passionate about the sweet spot where creativity and personal growth intersect. She is also a co-author of the book Expressive Photography.

Everyday Soul Care: Self-Kindness with Kelly Rae Roberts

Everyday Soul Care: Self-Kindness is a 30-day practice of consciously opening our hearts to ourselves so that we’re more connected, more at ease, and more aligned with the truth of our own light. We all have limiting beliefs and critical-self talk that keep us small, sabotaging our efforts to create the lives that are often waiting for us – lives full of wellness, peace, and ease. Everyday Soul Care: Self-Kindness will inspire you to pause for a few sacred moments each day, connect with your heart, and nourish yourself with loving compassion so that you not only see your magnificence but you become the guardian of it, tending to it daily with kindness.

Kelly Rae Roberts is an internationally celebrated artist, author, and possibilitarian. Her tender style of truth-telling and possibility-driven approach to life, work, & art has been featured in many books, and countless magazines. Her artwork can also be found worldwide on all kinds of uplifting gift products. Check out her popular on-line classes and books on her website, KellyRaeRoberts.com.

27 Wilder Days: Wild Writing delivered daily to your door

You’ve probably heard me rave about Laurie Wagner’s Wild Writing classes. I have been taking her course for the last 15 years here in Berkeley + it has been the single most powerful practice in my life. You can learn how to be a Wild Writer too! This is the perfect starter kit. From Laurie below:

With 27 Wilder Days, I’m bringing the Wild Writing practice to you at home through a series of short videos that will arrive in your inbox each day for 27 days. In each video I will share some delicious aspect of the writing practice that has served me for the last 25 years, as well as read you a poem and give you a jump off line to get you started. From there you’ll write for 15 minutes, and then boom, you’re done. You don’t have to stay glued to the chair for an hour every day to become a better writer. 15 minutes a day is an easy, graceful start, and I think you’ll be delighted by what kind of magic you’re able to make.

Laurie Wagner has been publishing books and essays, and teaching writing for the last 25 years. She is a process guru and has a genius for holding space, helping people unzip what’s inside of them, and get ink on the page. A creative brain-stormer, she specializes in out of the box ways to tell your stories. Her Wild Writing classes are the cornerstone of her live work, but she also teaches on the internet. She is the author of Living Happily Ever After: Couples Talk about Long Term Love, and Expectations: 30 Women Talk about Becoming a Mother. Check out her blog here.

Journal to Joy e-book by SARK

Journal to Joy created by SARK: A journal for your juicy adventures. As you navigate through your life, allow this journal to support you in your JOY Expansions. And when it doesn’t feel Joy-full, let the transformational practices and processes in this journal change, uplift, and inspire you. This joy will spill over into every area of your life!

SARK At 10 years old, SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) announced to her mother that she was supposed to be a beacon of hope and write books for the world. She wrote her first book in her playhouse that summer and SARK has been living, doing and being transformation ever since. She is the best selling author and artist of seventeen books (and writing her most succulent now) selling over three million copies. Her art, programs, products and services have sold around the world. She is an acclaimed teacher and mentor, and her wisdom has touched and transformed the lives of millions.

The Conscious Booksmith: A mindful approach to creating your book

This thoughtfully created course is a guide for aspiring authors and book-makers. It is filled with tools and inspiration designed to support the creation of a comprehensive book plan reflective of your values, priorities and ideals.

And by book, we mean any kind of book! Yours might be a photo book, novel, illustrated children’s book or a collection of poetry, personal essays, short stories, or recipes…anything at all.

Do you have a book in your heart that just needs to be written and brought to life? Then this is the course for you.

Christine Mason Miller’s mission to inspire has provided the foundation for a body of work that has generated seven figures in retail sales through commercial illustration, licensing, gallery exhibits, writing, teaching and speaking since 1995.  She has organized and facilitated workshops and retreats at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Villa Ojai, Squam Art Workshops and other venues around the country. Learn more about here and visit her website here.

Courage Council with Molly Mahar

Ready to take a risk in honor of your life? Take 21 days + dig in!

The Courage Council will walk you through assessing your confidence in Week 1, clarifying risks in Week 2, and practicing courage in action in Week 3. Why? Because I know that courageous action always teaches you something about the woman you want to be. That experimenting with your edge always shows you that you are incredibly capable. That trusting your intuition by listening to the small whispers of desire or discontentment always strengthens your self-trust. You do something brave + you become braver. Let me help you get there.

Molly Mahar is the founder of Stratejoy — an online community that has helped thousands of women reclaim joy and meaning in their world. She’s an entrepreneur, mama, and adventurer obsessed with taboo topics, designing personal experiments, and the power of sisterhood. Molly teaches everything she knows about claiming ownership of your life + your truth in her 10 month online program, Reclamation. You can access her free training on the 21 Life Skills of the Reclaimed Woman, connect with her via Instagram, or join her for a live online Circle. Molly’s superpowers? Telling the truth kindly, gathering awesome women together, and yes — reclaiming joy.

Get in Charge with Theresa Reed

Get in Charge is a 21-day e-course for spiritual business owners & service providers who are sick of over-giving and under-earning. During each day of Get in Charge, you receive a brief money-lesson — a quick but powerful ditty that you can read in 5-10 minutes or less.

Course topics include: pricing, setting boundaries, communicating with customers to clearly explain how you roll and win their respect, and dealing with tricky situations — like people who try to guilt-trip you into working for free.

You also get a Money Jam of the day: a hot song that will inspire you to BO$$ UP and charge what you’re worth. (DJ T-Swizzle in the house!) Many lessons include fill-in-the-blank email scripts and website language that will help you to lay out your money policies, prevent annoying refund-requests, and repel freebie-seekers, haters and whiners from your business. These scripts? Major time- and sanity-savers. Priceless.

Theresa Reed (aka “The Tarot Lady”) has been a full-time Tarot card reader for close to 30 years. She is the author of The Tarot Coloring Book (Sounds True Publishing), an illustrated tour through the world of Tarot with coloring sheets for every card in the deck.

Unveiling Your Business Uniquity & Making It the Foundation of Your Brand by Michelle Ward (The When I Grow Up Coach)

Think you’re not special enough to be noticed in your field? Wondering how to stand out when there are so many insert-your-business-title-here out there? Unsure why anyone would pay you for what you (want to) do, considering “anyone can do it”? When you find and claim your differentiators – and bring that into your branding – that’s when your business gets noticed, you book your ideal clients, and you feel authentic in your work. Michelle leads this 2-hour recorded workshop that will help you see what sets you apart from the others in your industry, how to craft your business message, the benefits of being a gatekeeper, and more. Comes with 10 page workbook!

Michelle Ward, PCC, has been offering dream business guidance for creative women as The When I Grow Up Coach since 2008. You may have seen or heard her in New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Etsy, Newsweek, Freelancers Union, USA Today, the Forbes Top 100 Websites for your Career List or 150+ other media outlets. Discover, launch or build your dream business at whenigrowupcoach.com


Inspiration is Everywhere by Mati Rose + Faith Evans-Sills

This online painting workshop will lead you into the topic of Watercolor Painting as a tool for developing a daily practice of seeking & finding inspiration everywhere. We’ll begin the class with video visits with Faith and Mati in their studios, where they’ll discuss their favorite supplies. Then you’ll receive 6 long video painting demo lessons on painting with watercolor.

We’ll show you how we use watercolor to gather color and pattern inspiration, and as a tool for travel painting! We’ll finish the class with a bonus unit on color collecting. With tips and tricks, color treasure hunt prompts and lots of painting videos we’ll dive deeply into this topic exploring creative techniques to help you capture inspiration where ever you go! This Online Workshop is the perfect Companion to Chapter 1 in our book, Painting the Sacred Within!

Friends, co-teachers, art collaborators and painters Faith and Mati each have over 20 years of personal painting experience, along with years of working in the art worlds of New York City and San Francisco respectively. They draw from these experiences as they create their popular online classes and retreats. Together they offer learning opportunities for women in some of the most beautiful & inspiring places in the world. They share a love of inspiring women to explore their creative dreams through making art. Their co-authored book Painting the Sacred Within has become a beloved resource of inspiration for woman world wide as they explore their creative and art making dreams.

Packaging your Gifts + Creating Your Launch Plan with Jennifer Lee

Get not one but two of Jenn’s Build Your Biz modules: 1) Packaging Your Gifts and 2) Launch Plans
Struggling to sell your goods and services? Learn how to make it easy for your perfect peeps to say YES to what you have to offer through compelling offers and authentic sales pages. Find out more about this module here.

Do you need to create more engagement and increase sales? Learn how to create and run authentic and effective launch plans to build awareness, generate excitement, and invite action. Plus, get insider peeks into real-life data from Jenn’s own launches. Find out more about this module here!

Jennifer Lee is the founder of Artizen Coaching and the author of Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way and the bestseller The Right-Brain Business Plan, which has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world launch their creative businesses. After spending 10 years climbing the corporate ladder and getting tired of living her dream “on-the-side,” she took the leap to pursue her passions full-time. Jennifer lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How We are Not Alone: A collection of poetry by Maya Stein

“How We Are Not Alone” is Maya’s most recently published book of poems and is being offered here in downloadable format. The collection features works from Maya’s former blog “One Paragraph at a Time.”

Maya Stein is a professional mischief-maker. She is the co-founder of The Creativity Caravan, a maker workshop space and gallery n Northern New Jersey, is the author of four books of poetry and essays, and is evolving into a paper-folding enthusiast. She has been writing a 10-line poem every Tuesday since 2005, and frequently invites strangers to collaborate on writing projects. She can be found in the studio or online at www.mayastein.com.

The Shift Plan + The Gift of Coaching by Kate Swoboda

The Shift Plan is a workbook for clarifying what isn’t working in your life, so that you can go from confused, to clarity. You’ll get to consider different areas of your life and what small (and big) shifts you’d like to make, to add up to your courageous life.

Plus… How can life coaching be of benefit, if we don’t understand what it is? As director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification program, life coach and author Kate Swoboda has trained and certified life coaches in a holistic approach to life coaching. As the industry changes and life coaches seek perspective on the meaning of what they do, Swoboda shares insight into the specific pieces that make up the craft of coaching, and examines the coaching industry. The Gift of Coaching is a call for life coaches everywhere to claim their profession and elevate their craft.

Kate Swoboda is Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification at TeamCLCC.com. She’s also the author of The Courage Habit (New Harbinger Publications) and a facilitator and speaker on using habit-formation and the psychology of courage to create behavioral and organizational change. Learn more at her website.

The Painting Sessions with Flora Bowley

Watch a painting come to life and learn all of Flora’s tricks along the way! Step-by-step painting videos with play-by-play voiceovers to inspire your own Brave Intuitive Paintings at home. There’s something quite magical about watching a painting come to life, and I’m thrilled to offer you a front row seat to this mesmerizing experience through a unique, online offering called, The Painting Sessions. (For the bundle, you get to choose 2 of the 12 painting sessions of your choice)

Flora Bowley is a painter, creative pioneer, gentle guide and author of two top-selling books, Brave Intuitive Painting and Creative Revolution. Blending over twenty years of professional painting experience with her background as a yoga instructor, healer, and lifelong seeker, Flora believes creative expression is both a birthright and crucial part of holistic well-being. Flora’s soulful approach to the creative process has sparked a new holistic movement in the intuitive art world — inspiring thousands of people to courageously pick up a paintbrush, often for the first time. Flora lives in Portland, OR.


NOTE:  You can do these courses at your leisure. They will be available indefinitely! (The only exceptions are Kate Swoboda’s e-books will expire at the end of October. You can simply download today and store them on your hard drive)