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Don’t you love that underbite?

Shantu, Canon Digital Rebel I couldn’t decide whether this link was worthy of sharing with you until I saw this photo and laughed out loud. What’s funnier than a fluffy cat spooning with an Urkel doll? Nothing!!! And this is pretty damn cute too.


the dahlia lovers

peachy dewy thing, Canon Digital Rebel One of the best gifts I gave myself all weekend was getting up early and going to Golden Gate Park in the misty fog. I had heard rumors that the dahlias were in bloom and I was so excited I sprinted to the garden with my camera. dahlia garden […]


Martine Locke really is a rockstar

Martine is a total rockstar, Canon Digital Rebel At the risk of over-celebrating my friends… they are amazing aren’t they? I must tell you to go immediately to Cd Baby and check out Martine Locke’s newest album. I have been a fan of hers for many years now and have been so looking forward to […]


Happy Birthday Chris!

Chris, Canon Digital Rebel Just got back from a long weekend in Santa Barbara celebrating the 40th birthday of one of my best friends in the world, Chris Harrington {I wrote more about Chris here}. He was whisked away by his partner Jacques to an undisclosed location (he was even blindfolded at the airport) and […]



clouds, Canon Digital Rebel “The world is not to be put in order, the world is order incarnate. It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order.” – Henry Miller


little daisy

baby daisy, Canon Digital Rebel If you’re in San Francisco, I will be presenting my photos at the Apple Store along with the Flickr peeps. Come see me! A great photo essay called Why do you do what you do? made me sad to miss Burning Man again this year. An incredible collection of photos […]


2 months old

my nephew Caleb, Canon Digital Rebel I could take photos of this guy all day long. There is a familiarity about him that stirs me… Looking at his face is like looking at baby pictures of my sister or of myself. I can see how this whole familial recognition thing helps perpetuate the species. I […]


what do you know?

tiny leaves, Canon Digital Rebel “Not your fear, but what do you know?” My friend Jason asked me this years ago when I first started my jewelry business. I was telling him how I loved making the jewels, how I wanted my business to be successful, and how it just didn’t seem like it would […]


as good as chocolate

chocolate graffiti, Canon Digital Rebel Things as good as chocolate: – Green tea tropical by Mighty Tea and Zhena’s gypsy teas. – Plantimals art by Alexis Mackenzie. They are currently showing at my favorite new cafe in San Francisco, called Ritual. They put leaves and hearts in your cappuccino; how can you resist them? – […]


Angel boy

colorful spools, Canon Digital Rebel Reading Donovan’s story (see comments in last entry) made me think of an amazing story I hadn’t thought of in a while. My friends and I were driving to Nevada for the infamous Burning Man festival in the Black Rock desert. The car was filled to the gills with 40 […]