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Happy Summer!

Bryce & Dane, San Diego, Canon Digital Rebel Some great sites: – Threadbared This site is really, really funny. They find vintage sewing patterns and make fun of them. I love good simple concepts like that. – These hand paintings make my little henna tattoo I got in San Diego look like magic marker. {via […]


above & beyond

above Oakland, Canon Digital Rebel As I flew away this weekend, I thought, ‘Holy shit. I did it. I submit my very first book proposal last week.’ This trip to San Diego was a celebration for myself. A way to mark this accomplishment and a way to acknowledge myself for the work I had done. […]


Photo Friday: Sport

Vitamin water, Olympus Epic Photo Friday’s theme this week is “Sport.” Okay, so vitamin water isn’t exactly a sports drink but what the hell. I’m off to San Diego for the weekend so I will see you when I return!


do not lick this couch

street couch, Canon Digital Rebel I took BART (the San Francisco subway) recently and as I waited for the train, I noticed a small boy and his dad negotiating about the appropriate way to interact with the escalator. “Stop touching it and putting your hand in your mouth!” he said exasperated. “It’s a health hazard!” […]


letting go

red tulip, Canon Digital Rebel As I danced around at my Nia class on Saturday morning I had a flash of an “Aha!” moment. Suddenly I could see that I was holding back. My arms weren’t going as high as the dance demanded, my body wasn’t as expressive. I was feeling a little shy even […]


Photo Friday: Nerdy

My special ape face, Canon Digital Rebel Photo Friday’s theme this week is “Nerdy.” This is my special ape face. Not to be confused with the grouper face, the scary-flat-face face, or the no lip face with the trucker accent. So many nerdy pictures of myself to choose from.


words of comfort

Caleb’s delicious foot, Canon Digital Rebel “There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling rain & remember it is enough to be taken care of by myself.” – Brian Andreas


time capsule

little sparklers, Canon Digital Rebel The summer is approaching and I am reminded of a great exercise I read in a Rob Brezsny horoscope several years ago. He told the reader to write an essay from the future entitled, “What I did during the summer of 2005 that made me a better, smarter, happier person.” […]


Photo Friday: Rare

moon, Canon Digital Rebel Photo Friday’s theme this week is “Rare.” Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Some great sites to enjoy this weekend: – No Place 2 Hide – Another hilarious poop story from Dooce. – You can find me on the home page of Self Portrait Day


a cautionary tale

Andrea, photobooth in Santa Barbara I share the photo above for a few of reasons: 1. It is silly and funny (I wish I owned that wig) and I fell in a big emotional pothole today and I am trying to fish my way out. This photo reminds me of the side of me that […]