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What it looks like around here.

There is a reason I haven’t been around here much lately. All will be revealed next week! Stay tuned… You’re gonna love it. In the meantime, here are some really good things I’ve discovered lately: 1. This video by Charlie Kaufman: What I have to Offer 2. This quote by Kris Carr: “I used to […]


Creative Superheroes Interview: Tara Sophia Mohr

Hey Superhero readers, This interview series is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do- share the work of my Superfriends with you. Turns out there are so many talented women in our midst!  And Tara Mohr is no exception. I met Tara for the first time when we sat together at Spirit Rock […]



Your courage stories Wow. Your courage stories have been trickling in each day and I am feeling like the luckiest kind of storycatcher. I had no idea how much I needed to hear your stories of courage. Or how much they would move me. Or how they are just the right medicine for my tender […]


Psst! Sneak preview of the Treasure Hunt.

Day #3: A tattoo I saw a woman walking toward me on the street recently. She looked decidedly tough — tattoos up and down her arms, hair in a buzz cut, walking a big dog. But one of her tattoos made me pause and tears immediately came to my eyes. It was big (sprawling across […]


Calling for courage stories*

Cultivating Courage Hey guys! I am cooking up a new offering that you are (fingers crossed) going to love! I will do a proper unveiling soon, but I will give you a hint and say that it is all about cultivating the superpower of courage. More and more, I am realizing that practicing courage (in […]


Creative Superheroes Interview: Laurie Wagner

Hey Superhero readers, I am beyond delighted, excited, ecstatic to share today’s interview with you. It is with a dear friend, a writing mentor + teacher and someone who I deeply admire. Not just for her smarts, her depth and her artistry, but for her ability to tell the truth in the most beautiful and […]


Sponsor Spotlight: An e-Course Extravaganza

It’s nearly back-to-school time, so why not take this opportunity to learn a new skill, start your own business or transform your art…and your life. Our sponsors this month are offering all that — and more! So take a moment to check out these three amazing e-Courses. Also, if you’d like to see your e-Course, […]


We think we move through the world unseen.

Here’s the scene. Ben, Nico and I are leaving the park and going to stroll home. As usual, Nico does NOT want to sit in the stroller. I say to him calmly, “Okay Nico. If I let you walk, you have to stay with mama and B on the sidewalk.” “Yeah!” he shouts enthusiastically. And […]


Are you asking the right questions?

During those years of infertility (and the inevitable depression embedded in that experience) I had a few big aha moments. Mostly I was just miserable, but I had some breakthroughs along the way. Little nuggets of insight that felt healing, that kept me going during the worst of that time and that I still refer […]


Treasure Hunt: A brand new offering!

Treasure Hunt anyone? Remember how much you loved treasure hunts as a kid? We’re bringing the joy of that time back. Further your creative practice with photography, get a spark of inspiration directly in your inbox each day and share the spoils of your hunts in an encouraging Flickr community for other treasure seekers. The […]