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Grateful for you!

Dear Superheroes, So grateful for each + every one of you! My heart has been full to bursting as the Cultivating Wonder class unfolds… and my eyes are even more open to wonder than usual. You guys are amazing. A CYBER MONDAY GIFT FOR YOU $100 off the E-course Bootcamp that begins January 11th, 2016! […]


My birthday gift to you: Pay what you want!

Hey friends! It’s my 44th birthday next week. And do you know what I want more than anything? for you to join me for an experiment! We are going to explore Cultivating Wonder for 21 days. PAY WHAT YOU CAN. Yep. Whatever you want. If you’ve been hungry for more magic, this is your class. […]


Creative Radiance Toolkit – 72 hours only!

Holy moly you guys, this might be the best little bundle of goodies ever! The Creative Radiance Toolkit is a curated bundle of potent support created by 30 of the brightest minds and biggest hearts working at the intersection of creativity and spirituality – including me! It includes 54 e-books, e-courses, audios, music, videos, intimate conversations, […]


Have you been dreaming of Bali?

Andrea Scher and Juna Mustad are co-leading a retreat April 21st-27th, 2016 called Wake up in Bali. Each day will be focused on a particular kind of waking up -waking up to beauty, waking up to our gifts, waking up to our intuition, waking up to Spirit. Let’s wake up together Our vision is pretty […]


Some very good things you should know about.

1. I have been creating abstract paintings! I’m obsessed. Painting has always been my first love… and I just rediscovered it. It’s possibly the only thing in the world that puts me in a deep, mystical kind of flow. I don’t need anything when I’m painting – the phone to ring, food.  I don’t need […]


Good enough mom.

He texted, “What question do you not want me to ask you? What question would you find disconcerting?” I didn’t write it. I didn’t dare. But what came to mind was this: Are you a good mother? Because all I can see sometimes is how I fail them. How I’m not good enough. How I […]


On my nightstand.

Here are the books I am enjoying right now: Wondering Who You Are: A Memoir by Sonya Lea A beautifully written, mind-blowing kind of love story written by my friend Sonya Lea about the loss of her husband’s memory after a traumatic brain injury. It’s tender and fierce and real and wise. Between the World […]


One day you’re a dog. The next day, you’re in space.

“One day you’re a dog, and the next day you’re in space. Can you even imagine?” This is what my friend Peter said to me more than 20 years ago. He was referring to a movie that I can’t recall the name of right now, but in it they refer to a dog that was sent […]


Make a list of things that make you happy.

I posted this graphic on my Facebook page and was excited to see how many people shared it. So I decided to actually make my lists + invite you to do the same! Let’s do this. What do you notice? What little adjustments can you make? How can you honor the things that matter to you most? […]


What the heck is E-course Bootcamp anyway?

What the heck is E-course Bootcamp anyway? from andrea scher on Vimeo. Wanted to share a bit about E-course Bootcamp with you in this quick + dirty little video! Class begins September 14th! Enter the code EARLY100 to get $100 off.