Beauty matters. Color matters.

The amazing table. These people know how to cook.

The gorgeous Honey at the table.

Paper lanterns always makes it.

Rachel Cole, doing her six words

The color of radishes always blows me away.

Cheese, olives, beets, oh my.

The birthday wish over the most glorious pie.

One of the ways I consider myself lucky is that my friends love food. And they know how to cook it! They also know how to set a beautiful table.

This was a birthday celebration for our friend Kathryn in a magical garden in Oakland.  As I look over the photos today, I can see so clearly how beauty matters. How color makes a difference. How there is a unique kind of life force in everything on that table. And I love being able to capture it with my camera. Love being able to see where I’ve been so many days later. Love seeing the beauty in my life reflected back to me. It’s my very best gratitude practice.


P.S. The Collecting Color course starts again tomorrow, June 2nd! Please join us!






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  1. isavoyage
    Posted June 3, 2014 at 2:36 pm | Permalink

    wao, what a feast!

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