Do you have an e-course brewing inside of you?

What if you could map out your course in a day?

Picture this.

You + me (in person or on the phone) jamming all day on your e-course. By the end of the day, your idea will be REAL – a course that channels your authentic voice.

As the creator of 9 successful e-courses (including Mondo Beyondo, Superhero Photo, Dream Lab + Start a Foolish Project) I have a lot to share with you about shaping courses for a fun + engaging online experience.

Andrea Scher, photo by Jen Downer

During our day, we will explore:

The journey. Great e-courses (like great stories) have an arc. I will help you shape the course so that your students will be taken on a ride that is meaningful, rich and engaging.

The technical side. I will teach you everything you need to know about the technical aspects of delivering an e-course. We can figure out what options will work the best for you.

The sales page. How to create a compelling sales page that distills your idea into a simple + compelling message.

Your marketing plan. We will create a plan for how you will get your brilliance out in the world.

Design. Make it beautiful. I believe that design is a huge piece of creating (and selling) a compelling course. We will explore the design elements of your marketing material, your logo and any other visual elements.

Simplicity. How do you keep it simple + elegant? This is one of my superpowers. We will explore the architecture of your course and how to give your participants an experience that is rich, simple + engaging.

The map. We will map out your course so that you come away with a table of contents and a template for your class – everything you will need to build your course into something truly remarkable.

Naming your course. Another one of my superpowers. We can brainstorm creative, catchy and sticky titles that will attract participants and set you apart from the rest.

Engagement. How do you keep your students engaged? How do you pull them back in if participation starts to drop off? We will create ways to keep your students engaged with your material so that they come away feeling satisfied + happy they took your course.

Your investment

Supersonic Sessions are $997

You will come away with:

A map. To bring your course to completion swiftly + easily. (See above for details!)
An mp3 recording of our session together.
A Sponsor Spotlight on the Superhero blog when your course launches. ($100 value)
Everything you need to channel your brilliance into an exciting + lucrative online offering.


Let’s make it happen.

To book your session (or for any questions) just email me here: [email protected] With love + joy, Andrea