Cultivating Everyday Magic

I believe in cultivating our superpowers – like courage, intuition, gratitude, creativity and wonder. I also believe that we can use our powers to delight, inspire and bless the world.

The world + our hearts need some extra love and healing right now.

What if a community of kindred spirits came together for the purpose of delighting ourselves and delighting the world? What if we became a collection of bright little lights that rippled out and offered something healing and joy-filled? What if we could make a difference through our creativity and our heart-forward way of being in the world?

This is my invitation.

We spend 4 weeks together making some magic. And by magic, I mean creative magic, the magic of offering your heart… the magic of being a living breathing love note to the world. 

Here’s what you’ll discover, inside:

  • 4 weeks of audio + video lessons that will inspire you to make everyday magic.
  • Prompts for creative play that will loosen our minds and open our hearts – which allows us to see the world through a different lens.
  • Secret missions of kindness
  • We will connect to our joy.

This course is a collection of stories, prompts, worksheets and lessons that will get you in touch with your ability to cultivate ordinary magic. It is an invitation to step into a world that is a little more colorful and a little more wondrous.

The adventure begins Monday, September 11th, 2017