Manifesting 2019 (instant access)

One of my superpowers is creating spaces online where people feel safe to express their desires + fears and celebrate their joys. The New Year has always been such a rich time of reflection for me – a time to acknowledge how I grew this year, how I was brave, what was hard… and declare my year complete.

This creates a beautiful space to vision what’s to come. What does your heart truly want in 2019? Where is your spirit calling you next? What do you secretly want to happen?

I’ve been guiding this mini-manifesting workshop for years in a live setting + decided to finally bring it to you in an online format! You can gather friends for this process, take some time do it privately or join us in the classroom for an experience in community with other kindred manifesters!

In this mini-course you will find:

  • Steps to complete your year with power + compassion
  • A series of audio + video lessons from Andrea that will guide you through this process.
  • Consciously creating 2019
  • Mondo Beyondo list-making
  • Choosing your word of the year

 $20 for this course.

Note: Taken this course in the past? The framework stays the same, with all new audio + video content from Andrea Scher to inspire you for 2019.