Mondo Beyondo

What happens when you give an unspoken wish a place to become a dream come true?

How do you gather the courage to help a newfound dream soar?

Join me & my creative partner (and masterful dreamer) Jen Lemen as we explore “Mondo Beyondo” — the powerful mindset that transforms our deepest dreams into practical realities.

This 6-week adventure is rich with inspiring lessons, real life stories, secret missions, audio interviews and hands-on activities — all designed to help you carry your dreams from the realm of wishing into everyday motion.

And whether your Mondo Beyondo dreams are simple & humble, or world-changing & audacious, you’ll find just the right atmosphere to take the risks you’ve always dreamed of.

Join us for the next session of Mondo Beyondo and experience the power of a mind designed for dreaming.

Mondo Beyondo is designed to:

  • Help you identify your dreams
  • Identify your core values so that your dreams are in line with your true spirit and passions.
  • Give you tools and practices for approaching your dreams in a powerful way.
  • Show you how deepening 5 capacities in your life (courage, vulnerability, trust, intuition + flexibility) can help you create the ideal conditions for dreams to come true.
  • Give you some signs to look for to know when to quit or keep going
  • Give you practices you can do regularly to honor your dreams and make space for them

Note: Class begins, Monday, September 10th, 2018