Nico Boon is 5 months*

The way I found out I was pregnant is a funny little story. Literally, within a week of conception, while watching Avatar with Matt, I polished off a GINORMOUS burrito by myself.

Horrified, I waited for the inevitable stomach ache and instead felt hungry a mere twenty minutes later. I didn’t say anything to Matt at that moment but knew there could only be one explanation. I was officially a bottomless pit for the the entire next year!

When we were choosing names, I kept thinking about how Nico was an unexpected blessing in our life. Something we didn’t even know we could have, something we didn’t even dare to want. We imagined making the choice to have another child would be filled with more doctor’s visits, infertility clinics, acupuncture appointments and stress. Just the thought of it exhausted us. But Nico simply appeared and we said yes.

I looked for synonyms for “unexpected blessing” in an online thesaurus one day and found the word boon. I love the way it sounds and all that it implies… and so it is Nico’s middle name. A friend of mine says that blessings are things that are so good, so unexpected, they can’t be found on a list, or wished for in the traditional ways. They are blessings precisely because they are better than you could have imagined. They come to us when we’re not paying attention, when we are not in control, when there is room for magic…



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    Lovely message today Andrea. He’s so beautiful. Happy face! Thanks for the reminder of all of life’s blessings when one relinquishes control.

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    I lived in an ashram for many years studying the Vedas, the word boon is everywhere. Even the unexpected was a gift. I use this word often to funny stares, but it is really a perfect word, isn’t it? Nico Boon. Of course. Xoxo.

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    This post gives me goose bumps. (Good goose bumps!)

  4. Cath
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    Hi. I am happy for you and your family and enjoy your cheerful, optimistic posts. Still, I have to say: blessings come from God. They aren’t random things that are good and surprising that somehow materialize in our lives. The word “bless” means “to hallow or consecrate by religious rite or word.” If you don’t believe that God is blessing you with the good things in your life, that’s fine, but don’t change the meaning of the word.

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    this post makes me smile ear to ear.
    I was wondering about his middle name and I think it fits just perfect.
    happy 5~

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    Adorable the 2 of you are. Thanks for sharing this story. I assumed that Boon was a family name. I hope he continues to bring you and your family unexpected good gifts.

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    I love the pride on your face, and the happiness on his. Gorgeous.

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    thank you

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    thank you

  10. Jennifer
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    I sort of wondered if this second pregnancy was planned or sought after or whatever and wondered if I’d missed something along the way. Glad to hear that it happened the way that it did. Many congrats…

  11. Karen
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    When I see him, I feel so happy for you! And when I see you, I feel so happy for him!

  12. kristine
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    I love this. It couldn’t have happened to two more loving people! He’s so adorable.

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    Absolutely beautiful. Both the story and the baby.

  14. Erin Wilson
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    Can I just say that you make the cutest humans.
    That is all.

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    He is absolutely beautiful Andrea. I am so so so happy for you. My second made me feel complete in a way I didn’t know was possible. You deserve it, you are a wonderful Mommy. And those are lucky boys (Matt too!).
    Love, Paige

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    Oh, my. He is one cute baby. Must have been the Mighty influence. :D
    Or good genes. :D

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    gorgeous! BOTH of you! Loved hearing about how you figured out you were pregnant. reminds me of the endless baking I did during my pregnancy. And I am not a baker! Well I guess I am now! And yes! You have a wise friend! I love it when things so good and juicy happen out of the blue – when you aren’t even expecting it. I am AFRAID to have another child. For many reasons. And I am in AWE of people who have more than one. Seriously. What an amazing thing! What a beautiful family you are.
    p.s. I’m still talking with you in my head this week. I think I might e-mail you!
    oooodles of love

  18. susanne
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    OH MY GOD! :)
    He’s so big now and soooooooooooooooo adorable!!! And i like the story behind the name. :)
    sunny greetings from Germany,

  19. SarahWT
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    Aw, Nico – such a cutie. Happy 5 months, big guy! :)

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    ah, how wonderful. I wished for another one, but I guess at one point I didn’t think I would get any. I have one beautiful healthy boy. He is called Theodore, which means “gift of God” and he is a blessing indeed. He is also so named for another reason. When he was inside and we did not know he was a boy. He was named Little Bear. On the plane to my brother’s wedding when I was pregnant we watched “Night at the Museum” too many times (17 hours of flight”, And my husband, when thinking of a name was prone to listing lists of names and had gotten to lists of American Presidents. When he got to Theodore Rooseveldt, I recalled the film. We both found out that Theodore Rooseveldt once saved a Little Bear and hence the Teddy Bear. Our son is called Ted, after the Little Bear after Theodore Rooseveldt. I love your story of Nico Boon’s name. I love naming stories. I have names in my head, just in case we are blessed with another child. But I must always remember how blessed I am to have our own Little Bear, Gift of God.

  21. cathi
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    you and your son are just beautiful!

  22. Amy
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    I love that -all of it.

  23. nina
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    I love his name. I love this story.

  24. Claudia
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    you both look wonderful! Nico Boon is such a cutie! Wish you all the best! Blessings from Germany =)

  25. Errin
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    Been catching up on your blog lately and remembering how much I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts. Hope you bring those beautiful boys to Glide one of these days so I can see their smiles in person!

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    Nico’s adorable! I love the name you chose for him… when I first saw his name I was wondering if you had named him “Boon” on purpose, and evidently you did! :)

  27. christie
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    ohmygoodness. what a face. i wouldn’t normally write, but that face, that smile. i am a puddle.
    nico could not be any more perfect! i hope you are doing ok with the ride of two. i struggle every day with my 2 youngins’, but the joy simulataneously is heartwarming and precious. take good care ~ toots!

  28. Mariella
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    Beautiful! Our 2.5 month old was a bit unexpected too!! :) ~ M.