Ready to feel more joy? Class starts Monday.



Just a quick little note to remind you that Start a Foolish Project begins Monday!

If you were inspired by the wish tree and suspect you have a foolish project inside of you, please join me!

The course is full of great conversations with: Alexandra Franzen, Hannah Marcotti, Jessica Swift, Matthew Passmore, Maya Stein + many others. Plus, live group coaching with me.


Kind words from participants in our last session:

I have gotten so much from this experience and the idea of foolish projects. Turns out, a foolish project is not at all foolish but like the most divine thing. -Moyra Scott, Foolish project: The Secret Salad Society

All of this foolishness has given me great courage in pursuing my dreams! I’m looking forward to the next course –Anna Doogan

I saw a new performer sing the Cup Song on stage and her vulnerability made me cry. When a friend’s 10 year old daughter, showed me that she had learned it, I asked her to teach it to me for my Foolish Project with Andrea… I had never sung in front of anyone other than my singing teacher… but doing it for Molly made me brave.  It was pure joy. I’m craving more of that. -Denese Bottrell, Foolish project: The Cup Song
This was so inspiring! I felt like I really found my community. It was validating and emotional to have my ideas and whims greeted with such enthusiasm and support. I learned how much creative energy I have to give to the world and how needed it is! Thank you Andrea, for this amazing course! I can’t wait for the next session. -Anna
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More details here.
Or you can register here.


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