Storybowl How-To Kit: $20

Last year I imagined a group of women around a table eating beautiful food, and passing around a bowl filled with story prompts. One by one, we would each tell an impromptu story about our lives. It would be connecting and nourishing, compassion-building and healing.

This idea thrilled me for several reasons. The first is that I am bored at most parties. Small talk makes me tired. I am the girl who will corner you at the party and go deep. You might be the only person I talk to that night, but we will be BFF’s by the end of the evening.

I also believe in the power of storytelling.

Something really powerful happens when humans circle up and tell stories. It it ancient and something we know in our bones. We are wired for this. And it is where so much healing happens.

In this downloadable PDF you will find:

– Everything you need to know to create your own Storybowl gathering.
(How to open the circle, a sample invitation to send out, rules of the game, etc.)
-72 prompts that you can print on card stock + use for your game.
-Wild card sheets that you can fill in to create your own prompts.

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