Sponsor Spotlight: Unconventional Guides + LeahCreates + Lasha Mutual

Spring has most definitely sprung. What will you do with all of the newness of this season? Maybe some of our wonderful sponsors can help! If you’d like to become a sponsor, we’d love to have you. Just send a quick email to Amber at: [email protected] to get all of the details.


Chris Guillebeau – Unconventional Guides

Unconventional Guides – Practical Resources for World Domination

Unconventional Guides is a very small business designed to help people achieve their big goals and do more of what they love. The goal is to empower our customers to take control of their careers and passions away from gatekeepers and put it into their own hands.

Whether you want to share your book with the world, break out of the 9-5, build an empire or simply become your own frequent flyer master, the online store is stocked with resources for artists, entrepreneurs, travelers, and aspiring rockstars of all kinds. Everything in the store is backed by a 100%, rock-your-world guarantee for a full year, and more resources are on the way. Viva la revolution!


Leah Shaver – LeahCreates

LeahCreates makes websites for creative entrepreneurs (artists, yoga teachers, coaches, etc). My designs are clean and professional, with a whimsical edge. I pride myself in making my clients’ personalities truly shine through their web presence. I have several website offerings, starting at as little as $750. All are built on the WordPress platform so that you can manage your content (including a blog!) on your own.

Additionally, I offer web presence consulting and content strategy so we can make your web presence truly work for you and your business. Visit me at leahcreates.com.


Lasha Mutual Fine Art


Lasha’s deep interest in Buddhist philosophies, meditation practices and imagery have informed and shaped her artistic work. One of the most popular and meaningful figures in Tibetan Buddhism – and for Lasha personally – is White Tara. Lasha’s affinity with this Buddha has led her to embark on an artistic journey of creating 108 White Tara paintings. Each unique painting is hand-painted using watercolor, gouache and pen and ink, on 10 x 10 inch watercolor paper.

Original White Tara and Buddhist Deity paintings & Giclee prints are available for purchase at LashaMutual.com.

Visit Lasha’s online gallery at LashaMutual.com or follow the series as it unfolds on her Facebook page.

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