Start a Foolish Project


As I lay down in yoga recently, a line from a Rumi poem came to me:

Start a huge,  foolish project
like Noah.

It makes absolutely no difference 
what people think of you.

It felt like a message. Nothing short of divine. I had been feeling around in the dark all year for my next course but coming up short. I wanted to create something that would delight + energize me. Something that would be a huge gift to my community. Something that connected all of us in a meaningful way. My body buzzed with excitement as I realized what my next offering would be- Start a Foolish Project!

Foolish projects are those things we do simply for the delight and the joy.

  • They are things like creating a wish tree or hosting a Storybowl.
  • They might be organizing a bubble flash mob in the park or a book club for people who only like science fiction.
  • A foolish project might be buying that pink ukulele that caught your eye and learning to play it.
  • A foolish project could be deciding to make 10,000 hats and give them away.
  • A foolish project is putting your dining table outside and inviting all the neighbors over for dinner.

Foolish projects make us feel alive.


My foolish project?

I am going to gather a group of women here in Berkeley, hire a choreographer and learn a cheesy dance routine. Emphasis on cheesy. Then, we’re going to flash mob it! Yes, like in those you tube videos. Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?!!! (Please join me if you are in the Bay Area)

Foolish projects appeal to my sense of play, my desire to feel alive + my love of stories. No matter what happens, you will always have the story about that time you were in a cheesy flash mob, right? Even if it was a total disaster. It really doesn’t matter.

Here’s what you’ll discover, inside:

  • Discover your foolish project.
    Exercises + lessons to help you uncover the foolish projects living inside you.
  • Practical support in making your project real.
  • How-to’s!
    How to host your own Storybowl, bubble flash mob + more.
  • Interviews, galore.
    Inspiring chats with folks who have done all sorts of foolish projects: Alexandra Franzen, Maya Stein, Matthew Passmore, Hannah Marcotti + more
  • Project buddies.
    Your very own buddy + community to help encourage and support you.

This 4 week course begins October 7th, 2013.