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Superhero Journal sponsors are, well, super! So take a minute to check out all of the awesomeness they are offering up this September. If you’d like to see your e-Course, Etsy shop, blog or business on the sidebar or in an upcoming Super Sponsor Spotlight, we’d love to have you. Just send a quick email to Amber at: [email protected] to get all the details.


Kitchenanigans — Maya Stein


Maya Stein’s latest offering, “Kitchenanigans,” taps into the creative wellspring of our connection to food. This 30-day online class invites you to delight in the details of your culinary landscape through simple photography and storytelling. We’ll provide daily prompts and easy-to-complete assignments sent directly to your inbox, and you’ll use your meal preparation activities to unleash the power of creative revisioning. Participants will have access to a private Facebook group to share work. The Kitchenanigans workshop offers you fresh inspiration and nourishment from your daily kitchen grind and will help you discover the creative potential of your whole life. For more info and to register, visit

Maya Stein is a Ninja poet, writing guide, and creative adventuress. Among her latest escapades are a 1,200-mile bicycle journey with a typewriter, a cross-country poetry trip, a French crepe stand at a Massachusetts farmers market, a relocation from San Francisco to suburban New Jersey and most recently, a collaboration – “Food for the Soul Train” – turning a vintage trailer into a mobile creative workshop space. (She also ran a catering business for 6 years and specialized in hors d’oeuvres and the finer points of napkin folding.) You can learn more about Maya’s adventures at


Wild Courage — Stephanie Levy


Could you use a boost of confidence for your creative ideas?

Wild Courage is a new online course I developed because I believe fear often stops us from developing our creative spirits – much more than any supposed lack of “talent,” money, luck, or desire.

It’s such a shame, because we all have so much to offer.

In Wild Courage, you’ll get my deepest, personal stories, 12 special guest interviews + practical information to help you reach your creative goals.

Join us and you’ll

– enjoy 6 weeks of daily posts + crafty fun activities 
– be inspired by my 12 exclusive, in-depth guest interviews
– laugh with me in my Monday videos
– dig deeper with weekly exercises to download
– make connections with a generous community of women from around the world
– gain self-confidence and loads of wild, courageous energy

Wild Courage begins this Monday, September 9th – and I can’t wait!

We’re almost full, so please come on over and secure your space in Wild Courage HERE.


Create.Explore.Discover — Sarah Stevenson


When was the last time you put your to do list aside, let go of all expectation and just let yourself explore?

I have just the place for you. This fall, join an intimate group of women at the 3rd annual Create.Explore.Discover Art Retreat.

CREATE in a warm, supportive environment

Create.Explore.Discover brings together a diverse group of women, from working artists to weekend explorers, to moms, looking to uncover their creative spark.

Retreat Leader: Sarah Stevenson will guide you through a weekend of creating and exploring with retreat instructors Mati McDonough, Alessandra Cave, Anne Weil as they lead fun, creative sessions where you will paint, knit, and explore with your camera.

EXPLORE and go deeper than you thought possible

No matter your skill — or comfort — level, Create.Explore.Discover is a safe space for experimenting and trying out new projects.

DISCOVER new friendships and connections in an intimate environment

Create.Explore.Discover is limited to 30 participants, so you’ll have the opportunity to form lasting bonds with both your retreat leaders and your fellow explorers.

Inner Moves — Maureen Clancy


Deep down you’re sensitive and brilliant, but you’ve been playing small.  For years, you’ve been fighting the feeling that you’re not good enough. But the more you fight, the bigger it gets.

Meanwhile, opportunities for happiness, love, and money are slipping by.

You secretly wish you could:
• Go after your dreams.
• Take more risks and delight in the rewards.
• Release negative habits like self-sabotage.
• Feel more compassion for yourself and others.

Inner Moves is a 6-week e-Course that’ll help you do these things.

Imagine how it would feel to:
• Stop fighting this feeling.
• Have specific tools to use when this feeling gets big.
• Belong to a community of women in which you’ll be encouraged, validated and safely held.
• Begin to accept — all parts of yourself (… even those you don’t like).
• Stop holding back and live the life you were meant to live.

My deepest desire for you is to love and accept yourself . . . no matter what.

Want to sponsor your friend, sister, mother, daughter? You are amazing, AND you get $50 off her fee. That’s a whole-life changing course for 100 bucks!
1. Visit
2. Click Add to Cart.
3. Type sponsorasister in the discount box (as one word with no spaces).
4. Click Checkout to pay.
5. I’ll email you a gift certificate to send her.


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