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Superhero Journal sponsors are, well, super! So take a minute to check out all of the awesomeness they are offering up in December. If you’d like to see your e-Course, Etsy shop, blog or business on the sidebar or in an upcoming Super Sponsor Spotlight, we’d love to have you. Just send a quick email to Amber at: [email protected] to get all the details.


Creating Your Handmade Life — Anna Hewitt


When we make things by hand we gain new ways of seeing. We interact and connect with the world in a more meaningful and authentic way. Using your hands to create will enrich and empower your life.

Creating Your Handmade Life is a six week e-course for anyone who wants to engage in a regular handmade practice and explore the way making things reconnects us with our senses and the world around us. Whether you draw, paint, bake, write, knit, sew, take photographs, or believe you are not creative, I will lead you through ideas, assignments and inspiration that will make creating an important part of your every day.

This class is a chance to:
Let go of your fears and stop worrying about perfection
Explore your creative skills and desires
Make time and space for your creative practice

Awaken your senses and reconnect with yourself

Slow down and use your hands

If you want to create more and use your hands every day, I hope you’ll join me. The next session starts January 13. To sign up or get more information visit


Creating Your Amazing Year — Leonie Dawson


The uber popular 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook, Planner & Calendar is back for the fifth year, readily anticipated by the 26,000+ women who use it each year to create their own amazing lives and businesses with HUGE results.

When you stand at the end of 2014, how do you want to look back on the year that was? Was it a year when your dreams and goals came true? Or will it be a year that is the same as the rest?

The 2014 workbooks can help you make it a year that counts. One that’s happier, more prosperous, productive and joyful.

It uses simple yet powerful techniques to help you not only dream your biggest dream and set your goals, but to actually MAKE THEM HAPPEN too.

SO many miracles have been made from using this workbook. Make sure you check out and read the words of women who’ve been using it every single year + swear by it for making their year their very best ever in life or biz (or both!).

Click here to get your own spare-change priced workbook!


Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media Mantras – Kelly Rae Roberts


Nearly all of my paintings include an uplifting word or phrase — sometimes called a “mantra.” People often ask me how I “come up” with all those mantras. And honestly? They’re usually just words that my heart needs to hear, in that moment.

So, I come up with them … by tuning into my heart. And now, it’s your turn.

With Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media Mantras, I’ll help you create a mantra (or two, or three, or four) that speaks to your soul — and then we’re going to paint it into life using all of my beloved and easy mixed media techniques. Hello paint, paper, ink, and getting beautifully messy with our hands.

Whether you’re new to the world of mixed-media painting or have been at it for years, this e-course will inspire you to create meaningful, richly layered paintings that speak directly to your heart. I will walk you through every step, side by side.

It’s important for me to say that this will not be just another project-based e-course about creating a painting. It will be much deeper and more soulful. I’ll not only share my techniques with you, but also soul-stirring stories about what I’ve learned these last few years as I’ve stepped into the creative life. There’s a lot of beautiful metaphors and life lessons that emerge when you face a blank canvas and work with it until the finished beauty emerges. We’ll be exploring all of those life-teaching morsels as well. Heart + soul + techniques. That’s how I roll. And I’d love for you to roll with me.

Click here for all the details!


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