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Mo·jo: A power that may seem magical that allows a person to tap into her own passion, success and life purpose. 

Or·a·cle: A source of a divine communication delivered at a person’s request.

You are here to do great things and have totally unique purpose on the planet. You are ready for this, but need guidance.

You are not the type to consult just anyone. You’re picky. Forget the psychic down the street with the neon sign. That’s not your style.

You want clear direction from an impeccable, heart-centered guide, working for your highest good.

Here’s how it works:

  1. After clearing the space and setting my intention, I’ll do a 3-card Tarot reading. The cards immediately tell me a story about you.
  2. Next is an Akashic records reading to tap into your soul’s journey and your own guides.
  3. Finally, you’ll get my laser sharp intuitive advice. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients as a holistic psychotherapist for 10+ years.

Discover what your guides want you to know and get your mojo flowing.




The choices we make about food are some of the most important choices we make every single day.

The Vitality Project is a series of seasonal e-cleanse programs for anyone interested in feeling more vibrant. We teach you how to tune in to what your body is saying so you can discern what foods your body needs. We want you to understand why it’s important to work with the energy of the seasons, and we want to give you the tools to feel empowered in your kitchen. We believe you can turn to your pantry rather than your medicine cabinet to heal your body.

The Love Your Liver program starts May 2nd! Here’s what to get excited about:

  • • A better understanding of how to live in harmony with the energy of the spring season (this is the best time of the year to spark real change)
  • • Simple daily habits that support lifelong health (that allow you to feel better and have more fun)
  • • Great recipes incorporating the best foods to eat in spring (yum-yum)
  • • Better energy, clearer skin, improved sleep, a calmer tummy (what’s not to love?)
  • • A “prep” week to give you time to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for this journey
  • • Messages in your inbox that contain videos, audios and handouts that will guide you through the program
  • • Community support via an online forum (moderated by Dr. Caitlin and Jessica
  • • Instagram updates to inspire you and encourage you to share your progress

Special introductory offer= $39     (regular price= $99)
Sign up here:



What if you trusted yourself with food?
What if you loved your body?
What if you could lose weight without dieting? It is the only sustainable way….

These are NOT the messages we heard in our lives. But this is really possible for you with practice.

Join me for this 6-week e-course to get started.

As a weight loss coach, I have worked with women who came to me frustrated + disempowered. They tried 100s of times to lose weight. But until they went through this process of focusing on the cause instead of the traditional symptom of calorie in calorie out, were they able to end their battles with food + their body.

In The Nourishing Journey we focus on the root causes of overeating and learn how to truly nourishing ourselves. The women I have worked with came to me with one goal ~ to lose weight. But what they came away with was so much more…

June 23rd-August 1st

Early Bird offer $97 USD register by 5/31

Afterwards the price goes to $139 USD


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