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Ready to make your dreams a reality or celebrate the abundance in your life? Our sponsors this month are offering everything you need to do just that — and more! So take a moment to check out the amazing offerings brought to you by our Super Sponsors in October. Also, if you’d like to see your e-Course, Etsy shop, blog or business on the sidebar or in an upcoming Super Sponsor Spotlight, we’d love to have you. Just send a quick email to Amber at: [email protected] to get all the details.


The Cosmic Cafe — Claire O’Connor

Imagine for a moment that you:

  • •  Live in a beautiful 300-year-old stone house on a wild singing river in a little gem of a village in the south of France
  • •  See 6-figures in your bank account
  • •  Feel vibrantly healthy and alive
  • •  Wake up every morning next to a devoted man who “gets” you
  • •  Share your inborn gifts with the world

These may not be your dreams, but they were mine. For a long time. And now they are my sustainable everyday reality.

If you’re interested in learning my rocket-fuel secrets for manifesting juicy life changes in previously-undreamt-of ways, join me, Claire O’Connor, in THE COSMIC CAFE, my 8-week super-duper advanced manifestation e-course.

I went from being 75 pounds overweight, feeling hopelessly trapped in a toxic co-dependent marriage, which led to bankruptcy court…


…to living in a reliable state of ease — for YEARS.

Join me! And place YOUR order with the Cosmic Waitress! The kitchen is hoppin’!

15% off tuition for SuperHeroes — just tell me your SuperPower!


Embracing Fall — Gennifer Carragher

Don’t you just love fall? The beauty of changing leaves, the cool, crisp air, the pumpkin spice lattes! Join Gennifer Carragher in celebrating all of the wonderful things this season has to offer through her new e-course, Embracing Fall: Reconnecting with the Rhythms of Nature.

Explore how the season relates to topics like abundance, balance and self-care through thought-provoking essays, juicy writing prompts, fun, creative exercises and more. Some of the goodies you’ll receive in this course include space clearing tips and rituals, a chakra cleansing exercise, guided meditations and powerful abundance practices.

The next four-week session begins October 15th.

This course will give you the opportunity to connect with kindred spirits, the world around you and yourself on a deeper level. You will gain the tools you need to bring more abundance into your life along with powerful self-care practices you can use long after the course is over. By reconnecting with the rhythms of nature, you’ll feel more peaceful, grounded and joyful.

Learn more about Embracing Fall and register here.


Jen Downer, Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer

Jen Downer is a portrait & lifestyle photographer for beautifully messy, miraculously complicated, ferociously loving families. The kind that don’t own matching black turtlenecks — and prefer cookie batter & cuddle piles to chin-on-knuckles yearbook poses. Her Portland-based photography business, She Saw Things, is all about capturing real life, crazy love and all of its perfectly imperfect beauty.

Jen is excited to extend a special offer to the Superhero Life followers: The first 5 of you to book a She Saw Things photo session will receive $100 off of the session fee! (small print: sessions must be booked by October 31st 2012 and must take place in November 2012 in Portland, Oregon.). Email Jen to book: [email protected].


Chris Guillebeau – The $100 Startup

The $100 Startup 

Imagine a life where all your time is spent on things you want to do.

 Imagine handing a letter to your boss that says: “Dear Boss, I’m writing to let you know that your services are no longer required. Thanks for everything, but I’ll be doing things my own way now.”

In The $100 Startup, Chris Guillebeau shows you how to lead a life of adventure, meaning and purpose – and earn a good living too. Here, finally distilled into one easy-to-use guide, are the most valuable lessons from those who’ve learned how to turn what they do into a gateway to self-fulfillment.

You don’t need an MBA, a business plan or even employees! It’s all about finding the intersection between what you love to do and what other people will pay for.

The $100 Startup is packed with 300 pages of action to get you on your way. Or come meet Chris and a fun group of independent-minded people in a city near you on The $100 Startup Tour. There may even be cupcakes…

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