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Ready to take that leap into starting your own business or following your creative passion? Our sponsors this month are offering the tools you need to do just that — and even more! So take a moment to check out the three amazing opportunities brought to you by our September Superhero Sponsors. Also, if you’d like to see your e-Course, Etsy shop or blog on the sidebar or in an upcoming Sponsor Spotlight, we’d love to have you. Just send a quick email to Amber at: [email protected] to get all the details.


Sonya Coates

The “Keeping Calm – How to Carry On” workshops consist of a series by Sonya Coates. Starting October 1, two online workshops will begin. Has anyone noticed that our generation is exhausted? The first workshop will focus on women who are struggling to keep it all together – career, motherhood, relationships and the plethora of other things that cross our paths. Topics will include how to identify when things need to change direction, cultivating your dreams, and defining “you”.

The second is geared towards women who are caregivers or have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. Topics will include Seeing What You’re Made Of, Defining Your Journey, Finding Peace in the Storm, “This Is…” (telling the story of your loved one), Life Happens – But Why Me?, and Carrying On.

To register, simply send an email to [email protected] – mention this blog and receive a 20% discount off the $99 rate per six week workshop. For more information, visit


Stephanie Levy

Are you looking for an extra boost of creativity, courage, and motivation?
I’m Stephanie Levy, an American artist/illustrator living in Berlin, Germany, and I’d like to invite you to join Creative Courage an inspiring e-course about finding, following, and realizing your creative dreams.

During our next session, September 24th – November 3rd (starting soon!), you’ll get weekly videos, guest interviews, practical business tips and tools, plus encouragement and support from an international, creative community of women.

As a special bonus, twelve exceptional guests from around the world will join us to share their exclusive secrets on making art, publishing books, building online businesses, creating workshops and e-courses, starting galleries and how to thrive as creative artists, designers, instructors, and authors.

Creative Courage is your personal invitation to 6 weeks of fun, color, inspiration, helpful tools, and resources to kick start your creative life. I hope you’ll join us for this unique, creative adventure here.


Chris Guillebeau – The $100 Startup

The $100 Startup 

Imagine a life where all your time is spent on things you want to do.

 Imagine handing a letter to your boss that says: “Dear Boss, I’m writing to let you know that your services are no longer required. Thanks for everything, but I’ll be doing things my own way now.”

In The $100 Startup, Chris Guillebeau shows you how to lead a life of adventure, meaning and purpose – and earn a good living too. Here, finally distilled into one easy-to-use guide, are the most valuable lessons from those who’ve learned how to turn what they do into a gateway to self-fulfillment.

You don’t need an MBA, a business plan or even employees! It’s all about finding the intersection between what you love to do and what other people will pay for.

The $100 Startup is packed with 300 pages of action to get you on your way. Or come meet Chris and a fun group of independent-minded people in a city near you on The $100 Startup Tour. There may even be cupcakes…


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