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Getting super close, shot with Canon compact macro

Sometimes I am just blown away by nature. Like holy moly, look at the inside of that flower! That white little pincushion perfection. It is stunning and perfect and symmetrical and wow.

This image was inspired by my Elevate the Ordinary class which is in full swing. It seems that when we exploring the world with these eyes, nothing is ordinary at all. Registration will open for spring Superhero Photo courses very soon. If you are interested in taking one, I am happy to email you when they open.

And now, my poet friend Maya Stein. A truly wonderful thing.


by Maya Stein

This tall glass of ice water. This quadrant of untamed grass. This half of a grapefruit, pixelated with sugar. This final plank of an empty dock. This red-hued living room. This carved rhinoceros from a place where the real thing runs wild. This echo of a laugh, a touch, a conversation that turned the world upside down. This piece of lined paper. This single bloom from a late summer garden, tucked inside a thin vase. This teeming silence. This warmth. This brief break between disruptions. This sprawl of newspaper on the porch. This blank canvas. This tube of paint. This back road squirreling a mountain range. This maple donut filled with custard. This soup you’ll make when your father comes to visit. This five-dollar bill found after two loads of vacation wash. This faint smell of mint coming back from a run. This atlas on the driver’s seat. This curtain parting from the stage. This tree angling its leaves toward autumn. This story birthed from ashes. This unstoppable turning of the page.

*Maya has a Kickstarter page for a new, inspiring project. Details here.


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  1. Kat kenney
    Posted March 7, 2012 at 1:07 pm | Permalink

    Wow. When I touched the screen on this post of the beautiful seed head and your words ‘blown away’ it took me to a site with some very graphic images which gave a whole new meaning to blown away. Apparently the universe (or iPad gremlins) have a very strange sense of humor.

    Had to say, I love your story about the elderly couple, thanks for sharing.

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